Baby Doc Returns to Haiti

The Haitian people were shocked to find out the dictator, Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier they had exiled 25 years ago had returned.  Duvalier fled Haiti literally ahead of the hangman’s noose.  He had been running a dictatorship left to him by his father, Papa Doc, which consisted of secret police, secret arrests, rape, and murder.  The Haitian people are quite logically asking what the hell he is doing there.

Duvalier’s arrival in Haiti coincides with disputed election returns occurring in the wake of the devastating earthquake and cholera outbreak.  Reports make it unclear as to why the French government allowed Duvalier to leave his exile there to return to Haiti.

It is reported that the numerous warrants for Duvalier’s arrest in Haiti have expired.  It would seem that rape, murder, and fraud are subject to a statute of limitations in Haiti.  In viewing the mainstream footage, the Haitian people seemed surprised and scared, though there was a group of Duvalier’s supporters to greet him at the airport upon his arrival.  Duvalier is reported to have scheduled a press conference at which he says he will reveal his intensions.

This man is a known monster and the very fact that the French government accepted him in exile in the first place shines a dim light on their idea of justice.  And now they are allowing him to return to the scene of his crimes without consequence.

One could speculate that Duvalier, who had been living in luxury in France for the past 25 years, might be exhausting the fortune he took from the Haitian people, and in seeing billions being sent to that country in foreign aid and knowing the warrants for him had expired, decided to return to Haiti and take more.  This begs the question, why are those presently in control in Haiti, even allowing him to come into that country.

I believe the Haitian people have better get their guards up and be prepared to take whatever action is necessary to either see Duvalier re-indicted or exiled as soon as possible.  God protect the people of Haiti from this monster.

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  1. He’ll probably be running for President here in 2012. Not a citizen ? No problem ! No birth certificate ? Who needs one !

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