Baby elephant determined to get up and walk!

Published on Jan 7, 2015

We’ve all had those days when getting up in the morning is a real struggle…. when simply standing up seems like just too much effort…

Baby elephants know that feeling well…getting up from a siesta in the shade can be a very tricky business, especially when you still don’t have control over rubbery legs and a trunk that just won’t do as it’s told!

13 thoughts on “Baby elephant determined to get up and walk!

    1. You said it sister, wink….. I have such love for animals …..elephants up there at the top….very intelligent ….have you read the book ‘Modoc….the true story of the greatest elephant that ever lived’?

      1. No, Mary, I have not read that book. I tend to stay away from books and films about animals. Can’t explain it; they just get to me. Guess I’m just too sensitive. But from what you shared, I’m sure Modoc is a champion.


    1. Flee…. do you know the difference between an elephant and an Italian woman?

      ……about 50 pounds and a black dress

      1. Bada ching….!

        Ur killin me…

        I love Italian women…

        They’re so mean….and good cooks.

        In fact….the last time I had sex with an Italian female.

        She threatened to kick azz if I didn’t shave her back.

        Then bitch slapped me with a canoli.

  1. I’ve also always loved elephants, probably because I got to ride one as a kid and they are primarily gentle giants. . When my daughters were young they also had the opportunity. My one daughter was terrified of them and I couldn’t understand why. One day she told me that she didn’t like them because when THEY had a bad day; EVERYONE around them had a bad day and died. Sound logic I suppose?

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