Badge of Honor

We receive the following email from a reader regarding posting From the Trenches articles on Facebook:

Facebook is removing ALL posts that are shared from The Trenches that are on personal FB pages already (two that I am aware of) AND they won’t allow ANY reports from FTTWR to be shared on FB. I thought I was banned from both pages but I don’t think it’s just us.

Just a heads up.

It is probably for the same reason they build cages for protest areas five mile from where the event is occurring.  

Winston Chee is working overtime.

Here is a screenshot of From the Trenches facebook page:

Here is a screenshot of the result of having tried to share an article from From the Trenches to Facebook:

I guess the truth is offensive to the liars.

13 thoughts on “Badge of Honor

  1. Just goes to show you how well Henry has done with this site, fk commie book, and the Jew who owns it.

  2. They’re hitting back hard. They know we know the game so they’re comin’ from all corners: censorship, invasion, poison, taking of inalienable rights, threats of greater war, surveillance. It’s peaking. And why they hell don’t they just call surveillance what it is: SPYING. Spying everywhere. It’s peaking.


  3. I tried to post something on FB to confirm the email and the same thing happened. I typed in random words then posted it and it went through. I posted same random words with under the words and it rejected the post.

  4. I’ve made it clear to everyone I know that I want nothing to do with Facebook from the day it was created (Always had a bad felling about it). I also told them, very clearly, not to post my name or photos on Facebook, as did Hubby after we married and I informed him about my thoughts. Found out that his family did not respect our wishes (no surprise there 😡 )

  5. It’s CIAbook. What do you expect? I don’t ever touch that shit. I still don’t know why anyone else does after everything they have done to people’s lives. You might as well just hand your photos, information and life willingly to the government if you post anything on there because that’s EXACTLY what you are doing.

    You’d think people would know better or start their own website forum as an alternative. I guess people just like to hit themselves over the head or punish themselves for no reason. I don’t know.

  6. I use to post trenches articles about obama being a fag and his incredible hulk wife being a man on facef!ck multiple times a week for years. Haven’t been on in over a year. Deleted my fake accounts.

  7. What is this “FarceBook” Ye speak of?

    I’m lucky I got time for this …
    I have a phobia of too many outsiders in my life
    Burned enough, who would knowingly subject themselves to crap like that ,is way beyond my comprehension

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