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BAD@SS ALERT: School Teaches KIDS To Shoot, Kill, Clean & EAT Animals – Suck On That PETA

Clash Daily – by Doug Giles

Cue the outrage…

This British Headteacher of West Rise Junior School is giving kids an education that they will never forget.

He’s taking kids outdoors and having them shoot, pluck, gut, and cook pigeons over an open fire.  

Then they eat the pigeons for lunch.

Their badass headteacher rides a quad bike and wears a fur coat.

And guess what?

This unique approach of teaching kids to be comfortable and responsible in the outdoors is even helping them academically.

This publicly-funded school gets the highest exam results in the area — ‘consistently higher than the national average’.

Hmmm… maybe this is actually good for kids.


Learn more about the school here.

Clash Daily

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2 Responses to BAD@SS ALERT: School Teaches KIDS To Shoot, Kill, Clean & EAT Animals – Suck On That PETA

  1. BMF says:

    Hunting is a legitimate way to get food or other animal products, and I’ve done it myself. It’s a very important survival skill.

    Still, I fail to see what’s “badass” about killing something that can’t shoot back. Hunting makes no one more of a man; any pre-teen girl can shoot an animal. And while PETA undoubtedly has its faults, trying to rub this in their faces strikes me as macho posturing. It would be better to point out to the anti-hunting crowd that ethical hunting actually leads to a MORE humane death for a hunted animal than it would otherwise endure in nearly all cases.

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “Then they eat the pigeons for lunch.”

    Sorry… it’s tough to equate THAT to ‘BAD@SS’.


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