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Baltimore PD Warns: Gangs Are ‘Teaming-Up’ To “Take Out Cops” After Freddie Gray Funeral

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Following violent protests over the weekend…

Freddie Gray’s funeral today…

…has reignited tensions with Baltimore Police issuing a “credible threat” from gangs seeking to “take-out” law enforcement officers.

As The Washington Post reports,

Baltimore police said Monday they’ve received credible information that various gangs, including the Black Guerilla Family, the Bloods and the Crips, have “entered into a partnership to ‘take-out'” law enforcement officers.

The warnings of a threat came as the funeral of Freddie Gray unfolded at a Baltimore church. Hundreds gathered to pay their respects to Gray, 25, who died in police custody — making his death the latest flashpoint in a national debate over police treatment of racial minorities.

Baltimore police advised law enforcement agencies to take “appropriate precautions” to make sure their officers were safe.

No further details were immediately available as to where or when the incidents may occur or when the threats were received.

Over the weekend, there were protests in Baltimore that at times turned violent with damage done to police cars and some vandalism of outdoor patios near the baseball stadium.

Not a good situation.


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11 Responses to Baltimore PD Warns: Gangs Are ‘Teaming-Up’ To “Take Out Cops” After Freddie Gray Funeral

  1. Its about time these people stop being divided and conquered and started uniting and defeating their common enemy.

  2. Enemy of the State says:

    Gangs Are ‘Teaming-Up’ To “Take Out Cops”


    to be honest, I was wondering how long it would take for this to come around

    not that this is a good thing,, because it could start something that TPAB have been trying to provoke for a long time now

    • Millard says:

      I hope they’re able to get more video of this war between criminal gangs. I’ll pop some corn, sit back, and be entertained!

  3. james bergen says:

    Now why would they have reason to go and do that??

  4. Doug says:

    So would this be called a ‘gang bang’? As I see this, if it’s true at all, this fear threat of street criminal gangs as juxtaposed to the blue lodge gangs which is also knowingly criminal, are fighting over the turf available. We know that both of these gangs do the same things. They are all lawless parasites. I hope they kill one another off in large numbers, so that as we put our Constitution back in it’s rightfully designed place, it will come quicker. Justice = correction, the righting of wrongs committed. The term ‘justice is blind’ was never meant as used today. This statement was meant to imply that the meaning and implications of Our Constitution would not and could not be applied arbitrarily. Rich and poor alike are subject to it. And lastly but not leastly, all police, all politicians, all attorneys, all judges, sheriffs, etc. have a job from the sweat of our brows. All of these jobs only exist to protect and serve us. The people.

  5. Dyno says:

    American maidan.

  6. StBernardnot says:

    Thug vs. Thug! GO THUG! RAH-RAH!

  7. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    The @ssclowns at BPD need to take some lessons in fearmongering from AJ.

    Pretty weak.

  8. Jolly Roger says:

    I hope it’s true, but it sounds like a propaganda stunt.

    But it’s really too early to tell. The gangs have a motive for this, and they could be seizing the opportunity because of the mayhem. I”m sure they took their share of beatings from the local pigs, and they’re probably cutting into their drug trade too. They have little to lose.

  9. RickE. says:

    Hey officers…live by the sword, die by the sword! Oh well, stop being psychopathic, murderous, sadistic, cretins!

  10. Big Dan says:

    Hey! Only COPS are allowed to murder people! Gangs can’t unite to kill cops, that’s illegal!

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