Ban on Semiautomatic Rifles, Pump Shotguns Takes Effect in New Zealand

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

New Zealand’s ban on the vast majority of semiautomatic rifles and numerous pump shotguns takes effect on December 21, 2019.

The ban takes effect after an amnesty period in which owners of rifles and shotguns were allowed to sell them to the government without criminal penalty. 

The New York Times reported, “A sweeping nationwide ban on most semiautomatic weapons took effect in New Zealand on Saturday, as a months-long gun buyback and amnesty program ended amid debate over its success.”

On March 20, 2019, Breitbart News reported Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s announcement that the New Zealand government was formulating a ban on military-style semiautomatic rifles (MSSAs), “high capacity” magazines, and numerous gun parts. The ban was in response to the March 15, 2019, mosque attack in Christchurch.

When the actual ban was put forward–titled the Arms (Prohibited Firearms, Magazines, and Parts) Amendment Bill–it was evident that it not only banned the majority of semiautomatic rifles but numerous pump shotguns as well. The bill bans pump-action shotguns “capable of being used with a detachable magazine.” Pump shotguns with a fixed, tubular magazine capable of holding more than five rounds are also banned.

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6 thoughts on “Ban on Semiautomatic Rifles, Pump Shotguns Takes Effect in New Zealand

  1. “New Zealand’s ban on the vast majority of semiautomatic rifles and numerous pump shotguns takes effect on December 21, 2019.”

    Leaving Kiwis with only one viable option.

    Hopefully it goes that route.

  2. All right then, looks like the lines were drawn, even if the number of 50k are essentially tack-rifles that is a small portion of the totals known to exist in that place called NZ. It clearly shows that the rest of the folks simply ain’t turning them in, correct? So, your move fascist Gov. lets see your enforcers get to it then.. I’m betting they will set up some ripe folks and totally overwhelm them and wipe there asses out and it will be prime time TV to scare the pretentious sheep to come forward.

    Wish they would get to it here, lots of rhetoric and an obvious honey pot being grown in Virginia is my guess, but what will the Tory militias do when the real Americans rise, cause we ain’t gonna be following some Local or state municipalities Militia orders…whom are claiming to be defending our 2nd Article all of a sudden like.

    Where have these corporate POS’s been for the last 80 years…..The local Gov’s and their enforcers of every branch of “Law” enforcement have been violating every fkn one of our rights on a daily bases. How does this square up folks. Not very well. Henry has it targeted and he is 100% correct. This Virginia 2nd Sanctuary BS is a total fraud.

    You do not need your masters whom have been violating your rights to somehow now be your leaders in armed rebellion against themselves… this is all preposterous, all you Voters out there are the problem. But rest assured, when they finally think they can actually pull this Australia, NZ, UK Faggot shit here on our soil, we will rise, and we will not have leaders.

    The American National is the most feared by this whole Global system…. I spit on you …. DTTNWO

      1. Thanks buddy, we are getting close, they know it and they are trying to manipulate and usurp any rebellion that arises, now they are plainly trying to Lead it….Pied piper style…

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