Bank Of America Merrill Lynch: The ‘Great Bull’ Market Is ‘Dead’

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WEB Notes: You know, I actually cracked a grin about this one. I have heard very, very little talk about the trillons of dollars pumped into the system or the artifically low interest rates that have existed for 10 years. I rant and rave about it fairly often, but not many other people; news organizations, etc seem to bring it up…

Instead they think the government made the economy great.

Give me a break.

How quickly they have forgotten the past and this shows how intune these people are with the mainstream media, whether they realize it or not.

When the globalist central bankers raise those rates and pull “quantative easing” the whole thing will come tumbling down. Then you can tell me how the President made the economy great. Then you can tell me how he saved it.

The whole thing is a shame people, don’t you get it by now?

The fact that Bank of America is talking about these “old school” terms of “quantative easing” and “low interest” rates means they are conditioning the public for bad days.

Are you ready for them?

The “Great Bull” market that came after the financial crisis is dead due to slowing economic growth, rising interest rates and too much debt, according to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysis.

In its place will be one that features lower returns, the bulk of which will be concentrated in assets that suffered during the recovery, Michael Hartnett, BofAML’s chief investment strategist, said in a wide-ranging note looking at markets 10 years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

“The Great Bull Dead: end of excess liquidity = end of excess returns,” Hartnett said.

The liquidity reference is to central banks that have pumped in $12 trillion worth in various easing programs that have seen 713 interest rate cuts around the world, according to Merrill Lynch. Leading the way has been the U.S. Federal Reserve, which kept its benchmark interest rate anchored near zero for seven years and pumped up its own balance sheet to more than $4.5 trillion at one point.

Source: Bank of America Merrill Lynch: The ‘Great Bull’ market is ‘dead’

World Events and the Bible

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