10 thoughts on “Bank teller and the Old Lady

  1. see.. it took longer to follow “the rules” than just doing the common sense thing. that’s how they set it up. EVERYTHING is designed to be a pain in our ass. and of course they put people “in charge” of these charades who have no self no soul no individualism whatsoever… and mostly women ’cause they just LOVE being IN CHARGE!! no offense Lady Trenchers.. it’s just the damn truth.. you know it.

    1. Yeah, but the old lady followed the rules putting her fake money back into that pos bank where it isn’t hers’ even more. 😉
      I get the point, but still.

  2. My mom was in a store once and some gangbanger was in front of her. He had his pant’s waist down around his knees, and was acting all tough. Everyone was afraid to say anything; the ‘just give him what he wants and he’ll leave’ kind of sheep-think.

    My mom was a badass. Super nice, but tough as can be.

    She looked at him and said;

    “You look like you have a load in your pants and it’s ridiculous”

    Everyone just busted out laughing, the kid didn’t say a word, and walked out.

    Go mom.

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