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Banksta’s Paradise feat. Donald Trump

Published on Aug 6, 2018

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5 Responses to Banksta’s Paradise feat. Donald Trump

  1. Katie says:

    P.T. Barnum, perfect handle for Trump. Damn, everyone should see this vid., especially his ignorant supporters. By the way, Know More News puts out good stuff.

  2. DL. says:

    Martist you just won (IMHO) the award for “video post of the year” on here. Thanks for puttin gup a video of stuff I did not know, such as how and why he was connected to the mob-mafia-syndicates. Got the embed code and will post on my blog giving credit to Know More News.

    • Katie says:

      “video post of the year” I was thinking the same thing in light of the subject matter, this covers it! Trump is criminal #1, and is the mafias boy.

      • Martist says:

        Thank you, Katie and DL! It seemed like a pretty solid compilation of thorough and verifiable facts and even admissions from chump that are irrefutable regarding his ties to rothschilds, soros, is-real-hell firsters, adelson etc and many of the other zio-joo kikes that he owes his allegiance to.





        is his campaign slogan…

        Furthermore, I hope it puts to death ANY unrealistic hopes in anything like “Q” or

        “trust the plan” in that rat kike’s dirty hands. It’s a F’g psy-op to the core.

  3. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    This guy is as dirty as they get, so are his mobed up kids. So much bullshit. So little time. A conman to the end, the ain’t shit, only pure bullshit show, pure circus tent.

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