Banned from YouTube America’s Frontline Doctors Hold 2nd Summit in DC

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Oct 19, 2020

Original link can be found here: Summit videos can be found here: The second White Coat Summit was held in Washington D.C. October 16-17, 2020. Its purpose was to have frontline doctors talk directly to the American public, educate and inform policy leaders, and create alliances to enable physicians to heal our nation. Its emphasis was on the proven success of early treatment.

12 thoughts on “Banned from YouTube America’s Frontline Doctors Hold 2nd Summit in DC

    1. mary, listening to this, one could actually walk away thinking the virus has been isolated & actually exists. They say look at the science. My question is have THEY looked at the science? NO ISOLATED VIRUS.
      SMH! This is a military psyop, period.

  1. Where did the Snake Oil Huckster come from at the end…:) Ha Ha Bwaaahaaa Ole, AJ still selling, selling selling like a good kike lover…

    What a POS scumbag… Jonesy best hope and pray, we never take back this nation and employ our Common law courts… tick tock mthrfkr

  2. I guess the go around MSM media, will be to drop the word flyers, DVD’s from airplanes, its back to old school attack’s.

  3. These allopathic (trained in the Rockefeller established medical schools) doctors are in a fight for their survival. Of course they are going to say they can treat sick people with success. Exactly what are they treating? No virus has been isolated hence what are these ‘positives’ they refer to? They do what they have always done, treat symptoms so everyone ‘feels’ better. I knew eleven years ago the plan was to eliminate the current ‘health’ care system. I say good riddance. I would advise people to learn how to heal themselves.
    A recommended book by Sally Fallon Morell ‘Nourishing Traditions’ (thanks Katie). The diet gurus of today are pushing an agenda that promotes disease. Get back to using animal fats and eliminating plant based oils for a start (a very important start).

      1. LOL… Lard, butter, coconut oil (not animal I know but which is very beneficial), bacon grease, etc. These were used by my mom as we were growing up until that poison Crisco came along. The trans fats are killers. Eat those eggs…we need cholesterol. It goes without saying the food you eat should be from grass fed not gmo fed animals.
        Olive oil is ok but second to animal fats. Sally suggests two servings of liver per week for the great source of vitamin A it provides. The animal fats help create and maintain the structured water in our cells which is essential for good health. Her videos as well as Dr. Cowan’s are great sources of healthful information. The fat soluble vitamins A,D,K will also offer protection from harmful frequencies

        1. Thanks mary. I’ve got the good oils down then. Still doing olive oil though. We always have a jar of running bacon fat on hand too.

    1. Healthy fats feed the brain, I eat several types of fats from animal and plant sources. Epic brand beef, chicken, pork tallow makes everything taste wonderful.
      I use butter, olive, avocado, walnut and coconut oils when cooking. Fat adds flavor and nutrients.The fat free diet in the 90s was catastrophic for peoples health because the brain is 78 percent fat. Complex carbs give the brain necessary glucose to function and release happy neurotransmitters. Stock up on fats to add to canned beans for flavor. These Dr.s on video are fighting mad because big gov. took money away from them, I would like to think some really care about healing people but the country dr. has been dead for years. Be your own Dr. Keep good germ fighting tonics like miracle tonic, myrrh extract, tea tree oil, goldenseal and garlic these are wonderful with no bad side effects. Everyone get ready its going to kick off very soon.

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