Barack Obama the Pimp, the US his Prostitute

President Obama announced today a new tourism policy which will accommodate the streamlining of the visa process for foreigners entering our country for business and recreational purposes.  Obama contends that the ever expanding Chinese, Indian, and Brazilian middle classes should be welcomed into the United States with open arms and that the dollars they will bring will help American businesses and create jobs.

Now let’s look at what is really going on.  Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama, through NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT have dismantled our industrial base and sent it to China, India, and Brazil.  And now he wants to allow the peoples of these countries, who are prospering via our stolen jobs, to be allowed to come into our country for recreation and to perpetuate further dirty business deals designed to further deteriorate our condition.

How ironic.  A Chinaman who took the job of a worker in Florida can now come to Disney World to spend his slave dollars.  When America had built its industrial base our people had become well off, so naturally recreation facilities were built so that we could reward ourselves for our hard work.  Now those facilities are no longer for us but rather for the foreigners who now own our wealth through the largest theft in the history of the world.

Let’s take it a step further.    We could offer tours to the Chinese, Indians, and Brazilians where they can ride by tent cities in busses and look at the American people they have displaced.

This is an outrage and yet another blatant act of treason by the international insurgent Obama and his soviet socialist masters.  We the American people should reject any further influx of foreigners from any quarter because if we do not the next outrage we will see are these Chinese, Indians, and Brazilians moving in and occupying the houses that were once ours.

Anyone who doubts that this is not the plan is naïve beyond belief.  I for one am not going to welcome these invaders with open arms and will not be duped by a two bit con man like Barack Obama.

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