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Bartender song- Rehab *EXPLICIT*

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  1. flee says:

    Hey… Hal ….I was worried about you …

    Wondering how your wild man project was going.

    But you called in the other day … so I knew…

    You were ok.

    All… I can say is…

    Help …

    Help mothfkr…

    These godammint bugs and rats are trying to kill me out here.

    I mean…

    It’s so bad …

    That I think I’m going to die from bug spray before my liver goes out from drinking.

    • Hal Apeeno says:

      For some reason, of all the folks, I thought you’d get a kick out of the chune the most. brother. 🙂
      The internet here is for shit! I aint had time to figure it out.
      Thank you for your sacrifice!
      Sorry that I aint been able to update with photos and all. I’m trying to remedy this.
      Henry’s site is much more important! And I cant do sh!t about that even right now.

    • Hal Apeeno says:

      Perhaps you can send a bus ticket for my dog ‘Littles’.
      She catches rats and mice for poor homeless domestic cats’

  2. galen says:

    As I count myself among any Trenchers who may at times launch a cry for help, I say let the heavens open and the miracles descend.

    Thanks, Hal, a very salt-of-the earth song, and even though we humans have moments of flight and accomplishment, we are also quite familiar with the ditch, wherein dwell all interesting things and non-things. Much learning in the ditch. Still, I wish I didn’t visit it so frequently. grin

    The song made me think of this quote:

    “Love is the ultimate outlaw. It just won’t adhere to any rules. The most any of us can do is sign on as its accomplice.”
    — Tom Robbins


    • galen says:

      ps: And how much do we take seriously as a genuine reaching out, a calling for support? Those heavens better open up soon. Much work ahead, and love, too. Distance is no measure of support; it is the heart that says, I’m here.

      I watched “The Postman” last night. Costner, 1997, post collapse drama. Too bad it upheld the state, but it still showed some human bravery and tenacity. Critics had panned it, but it was not without merit, and in my opinion, underrated and undervalued, ahead of its time:

      “…when the blast of war blows in our ears, then imitate the action of the tiger, summon up the blood, disguise fair nature with rage and lend the eye a terrible aspect.”
      — Kevin Costner in “The Postman”

      Perhaps the biggest battle is the battle within our own self?


      • Hal Apeeno says:

        Hi galen 🙂
        I don’t know anymore how to summarize my thoughts on the words that you have placed…
        Except that I am not sure if it is the Irish mixed with Greek which causes my sarcasm.
        I’m pretty sure Prussian tries to keep it uniform… LOL
        Generally I got a kick out of the chune as it reminds me of folks in which I have known, and have always been a big fan of defiance.
        Btw, I’ve never considered myself a Trencher as I am a man of individuality.
        And please, no offence intended, sister and all.

        All love, and strength intended!

        • Hal Apeeno (FEMA Region 8) says:

          I think I’ve not been more happier, and challenged in my later days of life than with this project handed down by generations of a deceived people.

        • galen says:

          Thanks, Hal. No offense taken. I do think of Trenchers as pure individuals, individuals who happen to talk to each other and lend support, while upholding The Bill of Rights. Just that. No club contract, so I understand your concern regarding that. That said, I’d like to talk with you about Amway.

          Ha!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.



        • galen says:

          Dear Hal, I hope you know that was a joke. Hope so.


          • Hal Apeeno says:

            I’ll trade you some Watkins for some Amway, galen.
            I know you were joking, sis.
            The internet here is hit and miss. Sometimes I can get on and not be able to comment, and sometimes I can.
            Sometimes I can’t get on line at all.
            Tried to reply Sunday but could not.
            I got a kick out of your comment.

          • galen says:

            Okay, good, yeah, good, okay.

            Thanks, Hal. Okay, good.



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