Battle Lines Drawn In Virginia! Richmond Jan 20!! Army Of Northern VA! Nut Up Or Shut Up Time!!!


Dec 12, 2019

Virginia has now become ground zero for the tyranny of government and the liberal agenda to take our guns and to destroy our constitution. This is not just about VA and we need to rally and support them there, as what we do will set the precedence as this is sure to come to your state as well.

5 thoughts on “Battle Lines Drawn In Virginia! Richmond Jan 20!! Army Of Northern VA! Nut Up Or Shut Up Time!!!

    1. Bingo, Katie! The Bill of Rights (as with the Words of Christ) defines what it means to be an individual with free choice. Individuals, not collectives, live in the world of choice. One can choose to own a gun or ten guns, or not. One can choose to defend the Bill of Rights, or not. The state has nothing to do with it.

  1. Ha! He says that the rally is on Legislation Day so it will be a great time to talk to your “legislators.” I’m sure they can’t wait to hear from us.
    Says the county wants to make the militia “legitimate again” in the eyes of the state; guess he doesn’t know it exists beyond any state recognition.
    He wants to get you through “the proper channels.” No defining what those might be.
    Says he’s “awaiting orders.” From whom?
    Says “this is what we’re supposed to do as the patriot community.” Follow orders?
    Says, “this is huge for the state.” Gifting your oppressor?
    Says it’s “not a call for people who are looking to just kick something off and fight the government.” God forbid!!
    Wants to make sure it’s all done “in a legal way.”

    We, the free, are the salt of the earth, seasoning Liberty and allowing no overlords.


  2. I am not a “citizen” i.e. serf.

    I will not beg.

    “legal” is what got you here because the People were trusting in the traitors and that time has to stop.

    Stop begging for their approval on any level, it’s not becoming and it’s not a show of force.

    Respect is earned and traitors deserve nothing less than rope or lead.

    You ARE screwing around by recognizing their “authority”.

    F**k your states rights.

    DEMAND yours by sending their enforcers to hell where they belong.

    Time for shutting up is where we’ve been and you’re calling for more of it.

    Let the boom sticks do the talking after they do what they’re gonna do, regardless of your begging.

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