BBC Shoot Themselves in Foot Again Trying to Preserve Thatcher’s Thorny Legacy

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LONDON – The ‘legacy thing’ is especially hard to manage when large swaths of the population feel that a former political puppet was completely on the wrong side of history.

Just ask Tony Blair, who is a shoe-in to grace the annals of history as one of most evil, money-orientated and unapologetic leaders in history. But this year’s fury has been reserved for the ‘The Iron Lady’, who many Britons believe laid the groundwork for the elitist, dysfunctional, closing society and greed-plagued political culture the country is unfortunately witnessing today.  

If the controversy wasn’t enough, it appears that the BBC – an ardent defender of their golden boy and paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile’s legacy (the BBC buried Savile revelations in order to protect their investment in Savile TV programming) – has jumped to the defense of Savile’s close friend, the late Margaret Thatcher, by censoring what is clearly the most popular song this week in the UK.

Hasn’t the BBC learned that it’s job is not to protect legacies? One has to admit, when it’s forced to take rear-guard action like this, the BBC is sinking further and further to depths uncharted – and further away from the hearts and minds of its license-paying public. Clearly, they are officially “out of touch” with the British public who like it or not, have nominated this as the week’s number one track (we have a feeling this will back-fire badly on the BBC, and will catapult the same track to number one again next week).

Some still might be asking though, why would anyone celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher? Answer: Ask a Chilean… or a Cambodian. It seems that DJ Jimmy wasn’t the unsavoury friend of the Iron Lady.

According to news reports, this is the song the BBC have sought to suppress this week (no kidding)…

The BBC has come under fire for a decision not to air a song, which has hit top of the charts after the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, in its weekly music countdown show.

The song, “Ding Dong! The witch is dead” from the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, is now contending to gain the top slot in Britain’s weekly list of the top 40 best-selling singles that are usually played in full on a BBC Radio 1 chart show on Sunday.

However, the BBC has announced it will only air a 5-second clip of the 51 second song in the form of a news broadcast, with the BBC director Tony Hall saying the “tasteless” and inappropriate song may offend Thatcher’s supporters while banning it may lead to public outrage.

Thatcher’s death on Monday led to a hail of “Thatcher death parties” on the streets of different cities across Britain including Glasgow, London, Belfast and Manchester.

The protesters also took to the internet to voice their pleasure at the 87-year-old ex-PM’s death, with the word “witch” becoming a rally point for her opponents both on the web and on the streets.

2 thoughts on “BBC Shoot Themselves in Foot Again Trying to Preserve Thatcher’s Thorny Legacy

  1. Thatcher and Reagan ….. two frauds:
    I never understand why people think Reagan was a great conservative? He was one of the ANTI-cons aka neocons. Reagan started us on the slide of debt-death, preferring to use “credit cards” to hide his excess spending and shove the inflation/debt onto coming generations. Reagan waged war on the Working People of America (1)Launching the war with his attack on unionization, firing the air-traffic controllers and (2) Introducing the concepts of low paid part-time and contract workers. Remember how Henry Ford introduced the concept that if you paid your people enough money, they would/could buy the products they were building? Well Reagan destroyed that concept, and brought us HERE, to THIS economic crash. Reagan was no “hero” who destroyed Communism. Reagan was a coward who HID the fact that the USSR was dead on it’s feet and collapsing. Reagan created fear in the People to get support for a wasteful looting of the Public Treasury by the Military Industrial Thieves. Finally, Reagan, the week after leaving office, ran over to Japan to collect at LEAST $6MILLION in “speaking fees” which was a nice term for BRIBE for keeping our markets open to the Japanese, and thus SELLING OUT American Workers. No, Reagan was not a great man, he was a Low Life Credit Card spendthrift.
    And another thing — america became a war mongering state on the day that an all volunteer military (another Reagan screwup) became a reality, in the aftermath of the VN war. Thus ensuring more riches for the WAR PROFITEERS

    The four biggest liars w.r.t. the economy over the past 32 years are Reagan, Greenspan, GW Bush and Bernanke. They are the most responsible for the current economic problems because the consumption-debt build up took off in mid-1980s and continues to this day primarily because of bad tax policies.

  2. This would be the same BBC that reported that building 7 of the WTC had collapsed – a full half hour before the actual event occured.

    That fact alone should have destroyed any credibility they ever had.

    At least for any intelligent person, that is.

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