5 thoughts on “Beheadings are faked to get support for war…see for yourself …Proof MSM is lying to you!

  1. It’s funny how the elite think we are still that dumb. They can’t fool anyone anymore. They still think we believe that Iranians are Arabs and that Japanese, Chinese and Korean are all the same. With the Internet, communication is just at the click of the mouse and people are becoming more knowledgeable and immersed with other cultures that they can’t easily deceive anyone anymore.

    Henry’s right. The Internet will be their downfall. Instead of the Internet dumbing us down, it has made us more knowledgeable and open to information on other countries than Zionist Hollywood and Cable Controlled TV ever could.

  2. It goes to show how uncreative the con men are. They immitate a film, rather than think up their own narrative. Or is his part of their occult beliefs that require they reveal what they are going to do before they do it?

  3. nice work Scott!

    yeah another Psy-ops False Flag bullcrap attempt at the game we all know they are already losing at

    knock em face down in the dirt and and get the gallows ready, we got some hangin ta do

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