Being homeless soon a crime in Miami?

Published on Jul 19, 2013 by RTAmerica

In Miami, Florida, City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff is considering making being homeless illegal, and sleeping on a park bench, eating on sidewalks or congregating in public spaces could land you behind bars. In a 1998 legal ruling, cops were instructed not to arrest the homeless, but instead offer them a place to stay at a local shelter. So could this all change? RT correspondent Nicholas O’ Donovan has more.
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7 thoughts on “Being homeless soon a crime in Miami?

  1. Hey marc, do us all a favor and insert a bullet in your head! You are one defective human being!!!! I really think at this time in history, sitting in a puplic office should be a crime!!!

  2. It seems they are keen to provide income and workers to their pals in the private prison industry – the kickbacks from the profits fund more than political parties, they pay for opulence and vice also – and what better way to do it than make people poor then criminalize poverty.

    People say in Britain it looks like a return to the workhouse but it looks even more like our first introduction to labor camps. If it had been communism these policies would serve the party but as they serve the elite it is fascism.

  3. Of course it’s a crime. Everything else is already illegal, so being homeless is next on the list.

    The next time someone tells you that you’re living in a “free country” ask them how much they can do without government approval and/or license.

    1. Absolutely Jolly! We had this discussion at work the other day. We tried our damnedest to find some aspect of our lives that wasn’t controlled or regulated in some shape or form. It was very hard. There were about 8 of us in the discussion.

      This guy needs to be made homeless for a year and let him find out why making it day to day just to keep going shouldn’t be labeled a crime. Not only can these homeless people not exercise freedom of movement in many areas because of their image, but they cannot even “find” free food or water without that being labeled a crime either.

      Sad state of humanity we are living in. But alas, the system is soon destined to reset itself. I only hope the worthy survive it and not the miserable scum running it now.

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