Belief in the ‘Holocaust’ Is Crumbling Around the World, What Will the Consequences of this Earthquake Be?

Russia Insider – by Mike Walsh

The question that challenges the shrewdest philosophers and prophets is how the world will respond when the holocaust narrative is no longer considered believable. What happens when the holocaust is regarded as far-fetched as Santa Claus, an illusion as is the fable of Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen. 

Contemporary revelations of revisionists, historians and scholars have their equivalence with the heresies of Galileo (1564 – 1642) and heretics like Alexander Solzhenitsyn who dared to question what George Orwell described as ‘the prevailing truth’.

In China, India, the Far East and Middle East, disbelief in the holocaust narrative is commonplace. In Africa and Latin America, the holocaust is a non-story; a sanctuary for those whom media dismiss as ‘holocaust deniers’.

Even in the West, where plebeians have the holocaust constantly rammed down their protesting throats, the holocaust narrative is crumbling.

Today, there are few places where pollsters dare to ask questions relating to the official take on the holocaust. However, we do know that 79% of Poles consider the holocaust to be propaganda. Hungarians are even more sceptical with only 17 percent believing in the holocaust storyline.

The litmus test is the United States where the American peoples have been brainwashed by holocaust propaganda more than any others. Yet today, an impressive one-third of Americans think ‘substantially less’ than six million were murdered. Such loss of credibility simply cannot be recovered.

It was once confided in me that following the end of World War I (1914 – 1918) the British government formally acknowledged that slanders heaped upon troops of Imperial Germany were fictional and was merely propaganda to stir the masses into a war psychosis. The outcome was an unprecedented outpouring of sympathy for the wronged and much-maligned Germans.

Imagine then the consequences if it is conceded that the holocaust narrative is unsustainable. Worse, unlike the propaganda of World War I, the holocaust myth has shamelessly and illegally been used to milk the Germans and other nations of billions of Euros.

No less than Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accept that historical revisionism ought to be recognised. But both advised caution and control as the consequences of revisionism (historical propaganda-free truths) were beyond contemplation.

One can only speculate as to the reaction of millions who realise that not only have they been deceived by the holocaust lobby but actually aided the fraudsters by defending the holocaust narrative.

Another matter for speculation as to how the now panicking holocaust lobbyists, the media, educationalists, judiciary, and the political elite will defend their previous positions.

The costs of the holocaust storyline being disproved are incalculable. Every book or periodical that sustained the holocaust lie will soon have little use other than birdcage liner; libraries, the contents of public library’s history sections will be worthless as will millions of movies and documentaries. The outcome could be equal to the discovery that oil or the U.S. dollar no longer has a value; it will be life-changing.

The holocaust lobby is at a loss as to how the holocaust storyline can be sustained. Their last stronghold is to apply ‘further education’ along similar lines to the 1946 postwar ‘Denazification Programs’ which Germans were forced to attend before they could get jobs or homes.

My guess is that having accepted that the holocaust is considered no more credible than is Santa Claus or the Emperor’s new raiment, holocaust propaganda will be quietly shelved but the shekels will continue unabated perhaps under the auspices of money-laundering described as ‘foreign aid’.

Then, the revisionist campaign will move to the attack to ensure that the international Jew’s cash cow is put out of its misery. Imagine for a moment the treasure trove if the murdered victim for whom compensation is extorted is found to be alive and well.

In April 1945, German Minister of Information Joseph Goebbels wrote to his stepson Harald. ‘The lies will one day break down under their own weight and the truth will again triumph. The hour will come when we shall stand pure and undefiled as our aims and beliefs have always been.’

Russia Insider

27 thoughts on “Belief in the ‘Holocaust’ Is Crumbling Around the World, What Will the Consequences of this Earthquake Be?

  1. What’s a good well researched book about the true history of WWII and the Jews? If I could only afford one?

  2. Good article. I believe that those of us who are awake to truth already know: “The outcome could be equal to the discovery that oil or the U.S. dollar no longer has a value; it will be life-changing.” The dollar lost value when the federal reserve started.

      1. I’m sure I could but I will be going to jimmytown next week anyway …I will keep printing until I run out …it is actually a 2 page flyer

        that is the link the jew tube commies kept deleting LOL

    1. Thanks for the link, Mary. Interesting that they claim 6 million died in 1906, then 1919, then WW2 by 1945. Meaning: 666! Hmmmmm….where have I seen that number before? Bwahahahahahahahah!

      And I just put the pdf on a flash drive.

  3. WE will be the new Germans in the eyes of the tribe.

    War will be escalated and sanctions imposed on the nonbelievers of holocaustianity.

    But WE know better and know the enemy this time.

    1. They’re just gonna have to come out here and decapitate me, period. Watch out for mountain lions…same goes for your shabbos goy proxy minion decapitators….

  4. And another thing to consider, even if you do think 6 million is “more or less” (which I am sure us Trenchers know the truth about that!)–being a lover of math (math is truth, right? And 2+2=4), consider the ridiculousness of “6 million” exactly. Is it “6 million” or “5 million, 999 thousand, 999”? Or 5 million, 990 thousand, whatever? Folks, because of the math and numbers involved,and because a history teacher I had in HS claimed “6 million, more or less…no one knows the exact number” I have never believed in the “6 million” number! And to my knowledge no Jewish student in my class ever questioned his statement.

  5. Often when speaking about the lies of the holocaust ones runs into the “Hitler was a good guy” camp. It’s like they can’t see one without the other, even with all that’s come out about Hitler’s Rothschild ties.

    Just ’cause we love tangerines doesn’t mean we love grapefruit.


    1. You’re 100% spot on, Galen, and I think the onion sometimes has too many layers for some to process. Politicians say many things but that does not mean they are true or that the listener has perceived it in the way they intended.

      Example: “to serve and protect” Whom, exactly?

      “make America great again” For US? Rather presumptuous.

      “we’re gonna be winning, winning so much you’ll get tired of winning” Who’s “we”?

      “HOPE AND CHANGE” Hope is all you’re going to be able to do and I never said the “change” would be better for YOU.

      “Forward” Yes, komrad, forward. You know, “progressive”, but not for freedom and America, For communism.

      hitler was a con man just like chump. So were all the other “presidents”. He said the words EVERYONE was thinking, thus gaining their implicit trust and loyalty. Then, like a judas goat, lead them into one disaster after another.

      Tis true, someone just might lie to you for greater wealth and unimaginable power.

      Some people think they’re really smart because “that panhandler/homeless guy ain’t gonna get one over on me for a few bucks because he’s just gonna go and buy some drugs/booze with it. He’s lying!”

      Sure, he may or may not be lying through his teeth, but they reject the idea that for world domination, trillions of dollars and all the riches on earth, the guy in the suit would NEVER lie!

      Cognitive dissonance at its finest.

        1. You’re welcome, Galen 🙂 Sometimes I have cohesive thoughts that come out right!

          scathing def:
          “Scathing comes from an old Norse verb, to scathe, which means to injure by fire or lightning.”

          I’ll take that!

      1. “Some people think they’re really smart because “that panhandler/homeless guy ain’t gonna get one over on me for a few bucks because he’s just gonna go and buy some drugs/booze with it. He’s lying!””

        I’ve was asked for funny money one time. A friend with me said:
        “He’s just gonna by booze with it”
        I said:
        “What do you think I was gonna do with it”

        I gave the man 5 bucks. 🙂

  6. After posting the above article on FB in the US Militia Group got comments from a couple/few cry babies.

    Decided to post a warning:


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