Bend Over, Here Comes QE3

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced another round of quantitative easing yesterday.  Under QE3, 40 billion new dollars will be printed per month, he says, until it has an effect.  Well when these $40 billion per month are handed over to the central banks in exchange for more of those toxic derivatives, it is going to have an effect.

The fiat dollar and the US economy are on their way out.  This latest move by the Zionist bankers is designed to allow maximum theft of our natural resources, right up to the point that our economy completely crashes.

In addition to the $40 billion per month to be printed, an additional $85 billion worth of real securities with real property backing are going to be exchanged for more of these toxic derivatives each month until the end of the year.

Remember, there are a thousand trillion dollars worth of toxic derivatives created through fraud that are floating around out there in cyberspace. Ben Bernanke and his co-conspirators are now going to dump as many of those as possible on we the people of the United States and take in their place trillions of dollars more of our natural resources.

The fiat dollars will be pumped into the New York Stock Exchange where they will be converted into our real property natural resources and pumped out the other side to China, South Korea, India, Brazil, and every other country that offers slave labor.   After those resources are manufactured into products they will be sold through off-shore companies, the proceeds of which will be converted into gold and other precious metals and be deposited in other central bank accounts around the world belonging to the international banksters.

This operation is blatant and has been occurring right down the line and right in our faces.  And those we have put in position to protect us from theft are in cahoots with the thieves.  Thus the theft will continue until we are left with a mountain of worthless paper where our natural resources used to be.

This is the final push for the theft of our nation by the international corporate mafia.  I am waiting to see just how far it will go before we American nationals take over our ports and stop the flow of the spice.  Hopefully we will not wait until our people are literally lying in the streets dying of hunger, like they were in Germany during the Weimar Republic after one quantitative easing after another.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

6 thoughts on “Bend Over, Here Comes QE3

  1. For your own protection and probable prosperity buy silver coins as they are the peoples constitutional antithesis to the madness of Bernanke’s fiat printing press. In addition, JP Morgan the FED’s bank has sold 100 to 500 times the available silver in the world and are now caught with their pants on fire as they cannot deliver the silver.

    The fireworks are just beginning and silver is already up by 25% in the past four weeks.

    Quantitative easing to infinity will destroy the value of the dollar and the economy will collapse, Ron Paul will look like an extremely wise man to the people who have doubted.

    Also look at the Middle East, look at the extreme anger to America and the anger is growing exponentially. 1 billion muslims have been victimized, wrongly blamed for 911, had their countries and economies decimated and innocents among them are daily being killed by US drones. Palestine is the greatest crime against humanity, a concentration camp with six million innocent souls left desolate and yet we ignore the zionists inhumanity. When the Arab Spring started in Egypt the people openly praised America as they saw there a freedom, now some short months have passed and throughout the Middle East there is a surge of great anger at the zionist US/Israel lies and the provocation in their lives. Ron Paul will soon look like a wise man to the people that doubted his foreign policy.

    A pattern is happening and while the zionist have their vile agenda of thuggery and theft, the people on the other hand have the truth and the constitution. Evil Zion versus Good People, it is the final agenda.

  2. We will be giving Egypt billions a year of that remember. !0,000,000 people in Cairo and they all hate our guts.

  3. “Hopefully we will not wait until our people are literally lying in the streets dying of hunger, like they were in Germany during the Weimar Republic after one quantitative easing after another.”

    Unfortunately, with the amount of sheeple in the U.S., we will probably have to wait that long before people even begin to start to realize what’s going on and do something. Even then, it will be sketchy.

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