Benjamin Netanyahu, Crowned King of the United States

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu struck a deal last week to bring one of his main rivals, the Kadima Party, into his coalition.  In consolidating his power, Netanyahu is now being called “The King of Israel”.   This being said the United States must be considered nothing more than an Israeli colony as the Israeli Zionists have effectively seized absolute control over our government and our nation’s resources.

Anyone who thinks this so called King of Israel is not intent on conquering the entire Middle East is a fool.

On March 5, 2012, the King of Israel stood before the US Congress and laid out his dictates.  That same day the Dukes and Duchesses of Israel, better known to us as the dual citizen Israeli-Americans implanted in our government, introduced HR 4133: United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, essentially declaring the US’s recognition of Benjamin Netanyahu as the sovereign ruler of our country.

Anyone who wishes to can argue against this position, but the facts speak for themselves.  HR 4133 was passed in our House of Representatives on May 9th and is headed for the Senate with 304 co-sponsors.

This bill represents an absolute surrender of US sovereignty to the Zionist State of Israel.  It will be federal law that if King Netanyahu decides to perpetrate further invasions into the Middle East, his proxies here in the United States must direct the US military to carry out his dictates.  The crowning moment will be when Barack Obama bows before the king and kisses his ring through the signing of HR 4133.

To pretend that a majority of the citizenry of the United States supports subservience to the Zionist State of Israel is preposterous.  So here we are again, some 236 years since emancipating ourselves from King George, under the rule of a king once again as the United Nations prepares to perpetrate gun confiscation in the US.  And why not?  Serfs and peasants have never had any right to own weaponry.

If the King of Israel gets his way, the only citizens of the United States that will be allowed to touch a gun are those conscripts who will be fighting and dying around the world for the international conquest for Zion.

God help us to bring down the evil Zionist King Benjamin Netanyahu.

6 thoughts on “Benjamin Netanyahu, Crowned King of the United States

  1. Benjamin Netanyahu can go suck a lemon (among other things)! I will not take up arms for Israel or any other country except my own: the United States of America!

  2. Follow the money, Israhell is nothing without the US and especially the Fed. Stop feeding the beast, end illegal imperial wars, let the government create money interest free and spent in America on Americans.
    Let us band together as a nation and arrest and try the terrorists running the country, it will be soon that violent revolution will come, but not in the usual sense. The game changer is the internet and soon the 300 or so terrorist, treasonous criminals will be captured and tried or assassinated by each other.
    Arrest the money junkies try and convict the criminals and put them on that island in the Atlantic that Napoleon spent his last days. These criminals are so evil that death would be preferred to an island internment. Remember these psychopaths crave power more than life itself, take that away and watch what happens.

  3. Do the zionists intend to promote this psycopath as the jewish king described in the “protocols of the learned elders of zion”. If so, they must be pretty confident in the progress of their agenda.

  4. Even the crowned king of Benjamin Netanyahu is Evelyn Rothschild.The history is there.Know your history and think for yourselves or else you won’t even be in a mental capacity to face the consequences of the agenda of these sociopathic bastards.I sometimes wonder if I was born just to make sure they will fail.Then it gives me hope to realize that we all were.

  5. War criminals, war profiteers nearing their end.The line is drawn in the sand. There is a very small window of opportunity NOW for all in collusion to step over to the side of truth, justice, true peace and freedom for ALL humanity. Separate from evil or go down with it, all support structures of zionism have disintegrated and are imploding from within….no war is necessary as President Ahmadinejad insightfully states.
    The global criminal zionist cabal network who have, by stealth, infiltrated every facet of human existence like a disease, who impose the oil and financial sanctions on Iran are the very same oppressors and thieves of all nations.Iran is free of their contamination, Iran is the lifeboat for us all as Almighty God guides us through the global chaos these criminals have inflicted upon us all.
    Much respect for those who stand up for the sake of all humanity, who choose truth over the lies,and who expose regardless of the consequences.These are my brothers and sisters in truth and we are powerfully one. ALL religious and racial barriers are down.

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