Bernie Sanders Raises Eyebrows With ‘First Jewish President’ Campaign Ad


After emerging as the top vote-getter in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary, US Senator Bernie Sanders has confirmed his status as the front-runner in the contest for the Democratic party nomination. But it’s his future campaign efforts that will show whether Sanders will indeed end up as a real challenger to Donald Trump. 

Bernie Sanders, the US senator from Vermont and Democratic candidate for the 2020 presidential nomination, has attempted to fully embrace his Jewish background in a recent campaign video, which highlights his bid to become “the first Jewish president” in the history of the US.

The video, which opens with remarks by Jewish climate change activist Jamie Margolin, features several photos from the Holocaust, visuals from news reports on recent incidents of anti-Semitic violence in the US, as well as footage from the nationalist march in Charlottesville, all while being accompanied by Trump’s taken-out-of-context comments.

Margolin herself asserted that it was “definitely a difficult time to be Jewish right now considering the Trump administration’s anti-Semitism”. The activist also recalled the “Jews will not replace us” chants from the 2017 Charlottesville’s nationalist rally, while asserting that “having a Jew literally replace them … would be so satisfying”, potentially referring to Sanders’ presidential bid.

However, her opinion was not fully endorsed by some on social media, who rushed to point out that Sanders was not the only contender for the Democratic party nomination with a Jewish background. Some also slammed the Vermont senator for getting campaign help from Ilhan Omar, a Democratic congresswoman from Minnesota who has been accused of inciting anti-Semitism in the past with her strong and not always careful remarks.

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2 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Raises Eyebrows With ‘First Jewish President’ Campaign Ad

  1. What’s he talking about? There were many Jewish presidents in the US. Trump is our current one. The whole damn country is run by Jews and I’m sick of people around me keeping silent or putting their heads down when I mention it like either they’re ashamed to admit it or that they’ve been indoctrinated to keep their mouth shut about them.

    Wake the F&@k up, people!

  2. Less than 10% of the population is Jewish, so I find it absolutely amazing and practically statistically impossible that out of 330 million people in this country, every candidate running for president is Jewish.

    Gee, what are the odds…. No conspiracy here! (Sarcasm)

    Whoops! I have to keep my head down, play dumb and not say anything bad about the Jews. (Sarcasm)


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