7 thoughts on “Bet She Won’t Do That Again…

  1. My Fellow Patriots:

    Isn’ that EXACTLY what the Enemy-Force-In-Occupation (formly called the US Fed Gov’t) does to the American people everday??

    Yes,… of it is.

    When are we going to say we tired of getting sh*t on?

    JD – US Marines – This is little posting is not even an anology,… its exactly what this criminal cabal, formly called the Fed Gov’t is doing to Americans,… and America every single day.

  2. What … she hasn’t seen a dog’s balls before? She seems old enough to know better than to invade a sleeping dog’s privacy. She deserved what she got.
    . . .

  3. i’d ,hate to be the dry cleaner if she tries to save that top!, digger-digger, i love my dogs,but don’t feed them soup. glad that dog was’nt in it’s dog house,cause house cleaning is included when you have a dog. not to mention free healthcare,food,flea protection,dental,treats, and whatever they need. kinda reminds me of alot of people we would rather not know. ps i’d rather have the dog than the peeps. thanks for posting

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