Bibi Netanyahu & DHS Wish America Happy Independence Day

Liberty Fight

I follow both of these on twitter, so I thought their messages were ironic, to say the least.

8 thoughts on “Bibi Netanyahu & DHS Wish America Happy Independence Day

  1. Thanks bibi and dhs!

    I’d like to extend a great big hearty F-U to you too, and I hope you all choke to death from over-eating at a bris!

  2. To Satanyahu,

    May you rot in hell forever with all other murdering, lying Zionist filth.

    To any DHS employees who may be reading this,

    America was founded not on safety, but on freedom. Even so, it should be noted that freedom entails a particular kind of safety. I’m talking about safety from unaccountable and/or concentrated government power. History has thoroughly proven government to be the most dangerous creation of mankind. Common criminals, organized criminals, and terrorists, all doing their worst, could never HOPE to kill as many people as out-of-control governments have killed — even if we discount civil wars and international wars. And why were those people murdered? First, because they were deemed a threat to “homeland security.” Second, because there has never been any shortage of scum who have been willing to toss away all independent moral judgment and act as mindless attack dogs for psychopathic politicians. This has been the case since time immemorial.

    Therefore, congratulations on inheriting the proud tradition of the Redcoats, the Cheka, the Gestapo, and countless others. Take your “Happy Independence Day” and stick it up your asses. F–k all of you anti-American bastards. Should you succeed in turning America into a prison at the behest of your masters, your own children will be its future inmates.

  3. Please don’t sicken me, I have a bottle of wine in my belly.

    That Bibi Netanyahu psychopath wishing us a happy “Independence Day” is a slap in the face, and a subtle expression of arrogance that should cost him his neck. He knows damn well that we have no independence from Israel and the Zionist criminal cartel, so his mention of “Independence Day” only expresses his disdain for the stupidity of the American people.

    And DHS?? They exist to make sure we’re never independent again.

    I don’t want to hear schit from either party, except their last gasps for air.

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