4 thoughts on “Biden addresses nation on Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

  1. Man, those follow-ups!! Telling us what we were supposed to have heard, as if we can’t think for ourselves. Unbelievable programming and damage-control, and anything to come out smelling like a rose.

    Next few weeks will prove most interesting and likely more dangerous.


      1. The motto they have is Lie, Cheat, Steal!!! Kill if Necessary!!! American nationals are F+cking going to get you!!! dont try to hide like Fauci or Gates of hell… we will find you. You have yet to meet the single largest army in the world… the American Nationals under Common Law and the Bill of Rights!!!!!

  2. Comprehend this
    a Guantanamo Bay inmate , released by Obama now runs Afghanistan thanks to Joe Biden , if that doesn’t sound like they planned this , than I’m mistaken ?


    ok than

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