Biden administration to finally resume border wall construction

I guess Biden and his handlers have enough illegal voters that they can start pretending to act like they are doing something about the border wall for now.

Notice the 0:40 mark of the invaders just walking across and border patrol just helping them up rather than forcing them to swim back across.

Then notice the 1:40 mark of smugglers just throwing illegal immigrants out of a car while driving.


May 12, 2021

2 thoughts on “Biden administration to finally resume border wall construction

  1. I like the part where they have masks on even as they cross the river, And their clothes without any tears or specs of dirt, even the one with the bright pink sweater. And then that police chase haha. Nice they got 1 guy, we are almost there!

  2. The shekel-sucking useless project will continue unabated! Just build them a grand entrance, instead. You’re funneling them in, regardless, but you need a half-arsed excuse to bilk $ from the US taxpayers.

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