Biden and world leaders meet at 2021 G7 summit


  • G7 summit in the UK: Leaders gather today for the G7, which represents the world’s major economies — Britain, France, Germany, the US, Italy, Japan and Canada.
  • Today’s agenda: The global tax rate, aid for countries and climate change are on the docket. The Queen will also hold a dinner for world leaders tonight.
  • Key topics: The global recovery from Covid-19, vaccinations, climate change and cybersecurity are also expected to be big items.

5 thoughts on “Biden and world leaders meet at 2021 G7 summit

  1. So, they’re discussing a “global tax” for us. And then they post they’re dinner menu:

    Spiced melon, gazpacho, coconut, high-note herbs
    Turbot roasted on the bone, caught by Cornish fishermen off the coast at Newquay
    Cornish new potatoes and wild garlic with greens from the local Padstow kitchen gardens
    Cornish cheese — Gouda, Yarg, Helford Blue
    English Strawberry Pavlova
    Petits Fours: Clotted cream fudge, Mini-clotted cream ice-cream cone with chocolate Earl Grey truffles

    Not that I know what all of that is, but sounds expensive, and accommodating of snobbery.
    How very much hypocrisy gets away with.


  2. Who effin cares?

    They are just people and have no intrinsic value to me or my life. Hope the place vanishes.

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