Biden Exempts Over 600,000 USPS Workers From Federal Mandatory Vaccination Order

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

All people are equal before “the scienceTM“, but some unions are more equal.

We previously noted that in an unspoken footnote to Biden’s bombastic “no jab, no job” speech, various labor unions had quietly (and not so quietly) voiced their displeasure to the now official mandatory vaccinations including NYC teachers, California’s largest public sector union and of course, the US Postal Service. And now we know that while Biden was eager to frame his new vaxx policy as all inclusive and with no exception, that was not really true.

According to the Washington Post citing a “White House official speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss not-yet-public portions of the president’s plan”, U.S. Postal Service workers were not included in Biden’s executive order requiring all federal employees to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

While Biden framed his mandate as one covering all federal workers and all companies with more than 100 staff, he forgot to mention that any labor union that is instrumental in keeping the Democrats in power would be granted a very “unscientific” exemption. The loophole in question, according to the report, according to the White House source, is that the “USPS has a separate statutory scheme and is traditionally independent of federal personnel actions like this” even though postal workers would be strongly encouraged to comply with the mandate. Paradoxically, the WaPo also notes that this “explainer” is in conflict with reality: after all, the Postal Service is an independent agency of the executive branch, and it is required to be specifically included in executive orders that apply to working conditions for federal employees.

In any case, we doubt “strong encouragement” will be sufficient to get most postal workers jabbed since the reason they refuse to get vaccinated in the first place is lack of trust in the government, the same reason tens of millions of Americans also refuse to get jabbed. But since they don’t represent one of the most politically powerful unions in the US, they don’t get to be “strongly encouraged” and instead are told what to do.

What is even more bizarre is that according to the WaPo, the 644,000 strong USPS workfore, which represents a massive chunk of the federal workforce, interacts daily with an equally large swath of the public. As such if Biden was really worried about super spreaders, he would vaccinate postal workers first. The fact that he won’t suggests that other things are at play here besides “the scienceTM

So how did over 600,000 Federal workers get a carveout? Simple: unions > science.

One of the Postal Service’s powerful unions, the American Postal Workers Union, in July criticized the administration’s efforts to require federal workers to be vaccinated and demanded that postal leadership collectively bargain on the issue.

“While the APWU leadership continues to encourage postal workers to voluntarily get vaccinated, it is not the role of the federal government to mandate vaccinations for the employees we represent,” the union said in a statement.

As for why the increasingly unpopular – in the words of the NYT – Biden will go to such great lengths to discredit his own stated intent and further dilute people’s faith in the executive branch, the answer is simple: we are just over a year away from the next mail in elections and the Democrats can not take any chances.

Curiously, shortly after the WaPo original reported about the USPS exemption, someone woke up Joe from his nap or got in touch with whoever really runs the country, and advised them that the natives may get restless at this glorious hypocrisy, and so a “senior Biden admin” told Yahoo that “U.S. Postal Service workers are subject to a rule to be developed by the Labor Department mandating coronavirus vaccinations for workers and weekly testing for non-vaccinated employees at companies with over 100 workers, a senior Biden administration official told CNN and the Washington Post.”

In other words, for the purposes of keeping the labor union happy, USPS workers – which comprise the largest group of Federal employees – will be treated as, get this, private sector employees for legal purposes. This means they will be covered under the OSHA vaccine/testing mandate – and thus not face the “no jab, no job” dilemma – rather than the federal employee mandatory vaccination order.

Finally, just in case WaPo’s Jacob Bogage gets a tap on the shoulder and is told to quietly delete what will spark even more confusion and chaos in the administration, here is a snapshot of their original report.

14 thoughts on “Biden Exempts Over 600,000 USPS Workers From Federal Mandatory Vaccination Order

  1. right , they would probably tell him to go fck off anyways… like we all should

    and this just proves this has nothing to do with the virus lies …again

  2. Just a thought, I wonder if the exemption is based upon most people see their mail carrier on a daily basis and when they don’t because of illness due to the jab it would drop a truth bomb?

    All of the other fed jobs are people we rarely if ever come in contact with.

    1. They are having a hard time hiring people as well. My husband is a rural carrier and he definitely will not be taking the shot even if they tried to mandate it.

      1. Yes, they are having difficulty hiring. My gf’s dad is recently retired from usps (as well as a vaxtard) and can’t understand why septa has 92 openings they can’t fill as well as the usps. Hopelessly devoted to his “Dr.” and muh police and military.

  3. You don’t want anybody “going postal” over this thing. 😮
    You don’t want to slap the hand that could feed the election ballots to the dumpster, (where they belong anyway). ;-]
    There are a multitude of reasons to let the postal workers be.
    The Potato has handlers that know which side of the bread has been buttered.
    Besides, they can subsequently be branded “superspreaders” at anytime, so that option is always open.

    1. Graphene Oxide from chemtrails, vaccines and food? Etc. will poison the whole populace. We either demand tbe current Admin. Pack up, have treason trials and stop chemtrails and poisoning of food, or we’ll be dying with our guns in the cabinet.

  4. So it’s okay for illegal aliens and people who could “go postal” to not be given lethal injections, but the rest of us are supposed to acquiesce? F*** YOU!

  5. do they test for weed?? woe want me to get vaxxed … but but i thought we didnt need to….. SUPPORT CORPoRATE USAs Communist GOV!!! They got your back…LOL

    1. I have contacted a company I’ve used in the past for the “whiz-quiz” work around that was very effective in keeping me employed, when I was employed.
      Now that Potato has jumped the shark with his federal decree for clot-shots, it seems only a matter of time before Social Security will require Certification Of Vaccination Identification Documentation.
      Clear Test, the company of choice, offers several “blockers” or other simulated devices to mask or change the “whiz-quiz” outcome. I’ve asked them if they know of a device, a prophylaxis so to speak, that can be worn over your arm, looks like skin and can absorb the contents of an injection.
      If they do not, or will not pursue that avenue, I do not yet know, they have not responded as yet.
      If they don’t want to deceive in such a manner, can anybody direct me to such that would?
      I have no problem blasting the face off of somebody on my porch wanting to do harm to me, but going to an office building seeking retribution is not in my wheelhouse. Yet.
      If they withhold pensions for jabs, we must have an option. Faked documents don’t work the database, so they are obvious. Fake skin could get me an oil change, some doughnuts, a joint, and possibly, eventually, the monies due me.

  6. If he had mandated injections for the USPS, which is already severely lacking in personnel, it would result in losing many more employees that refuse the shot. By the time new elections come around, many of those employees who chose to be injected would have to resign because of health issues due to the crap in the needle or, sadly, dead. Considering the mail in ballots continue to be a major source of the election fraud, just who would be left to carry out the liberal’s agenda of “winning at any cost”?

  7. Where oh where is the Supreme Court as the DEMANDS of the mouse Fau-chi and good oh joe continues with the co1/9 tyranny using health as thier excuse to rip the hearts and souls out of its victims. Real people!!

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