Biden on Gun Control

Published on Jan 26, 2013 by Sturmgewehre

Vice President Biden attended a Google Hangout last week where he talked about his plans for implementing gun control on American citizens. I found many of his comments to be quite interesting and revealing.

4 thoughts on “Biden on Gun Control

  1. Boy the the NRA was given a gift with this one. A commercial with no production cost. The NRA should edit out the narration on this video and run it as a 30 second commercial on all the public television stations at prime time. This should really get the public off their couches.

    Rather than filling the politicians pockets as they usually do. Lobby the people instead of the politicians.

  2. Open mouth, insert foot.

    Just think, folks, if Obummer outlives his usefulness, and is assassinated (by them), this is what we’ll be stuck with.

    And you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

    Guess again.

    1. Oh believe me. The thought has crossed my mind plenty of times, #1. What if he, too, were assassinated (by them), then who’s next in line? lol

      It just doesn’t get any better. The whole administration must go. Period.

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