Biden puts gun manufacturers on notice: ‘I’m coming for you. Period’

The Daily Sheeple – by Sean Walton

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden promised gun manufacturers across the United States that he’s “coming for them.”

“A guy has 12 assault weapons with bump stocks, which means you can fire it faster. You can pull the trigger faster,” Biden said to a crowd during a CNN town hall. “Why in God’s name should anyone, anyone, anyone, anyone be able to own that? It’s just wrong, and we’ve got to — and I promise you, as president, I am going to get these guys.”

Biden continued after the crowd applauded by reiterating his desire to curtail gun production in America while also acknowledging his goal of hindering the National Rifle Association’s efforts.

“I want to let them know. I promise you. I’m the only guy that has beaten the gun manufacturers — I’m the only guy that has beaten the NRA nationally, and I did it twice, nationally. And gun manufacturers, I’m coming for you. Period.”

Biden also took his gun control message to a meeting this week with anti-gun group Moms Demand Action in which he attacked fellow 2020 candidate Bernie Sanders on guns.

“Too many Republicans and some Democrats, like Bernie Sanders, voted five times against the Brady bill that I was passing,” Biden said. “Five times against background checks and waiting periods.”

Biden also attacked Sanders on guns on social media, suggesting the Vermont senator is partially responsible for the power gun manufacturers currently have.

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One thought on “Biden puts gun manufacturers on notice: ‘I’m coming for you. Period’

  1. Just claim bankruptcy
    And reorganize under a new name

    That’s what this government taught me
    So Fck you Joe and the homo you rode in on

    So many companies are dangling on a thread due to fcktards such as Biden , so it’s totally plausible

    Hopefully this schmuck will be in an assisted living soon trying to remember his name
    Or better yet
    No longer with us , he’s stenching up my air

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