Biden readies showdown on guns

Washington Examiner – by Paul Bedard

In his first two weeks, President Biden hasn’t said much about guns or his goal of banning some, especially the nation’s most popular firearm, the AR-15.

But that’s because he’s leaving it to two key nominees to take the fight to the industry, Attorney general nominee Merrick Garland and surgeon general choice Dr. Vivek Murthy, both gun control advocates.

Gun lobbyists told us that they have been working “overtime” to fight the picks, but it is an uphill battle. A webpage urging members of Gun Owners of America shut down when too many supporters went on it to sign a letter to senators urging defeat of the nominees.

Gun control fans, however, are eager for Murthy, founder of Doctors for America and a former surgeon general, to use his potential platform to call for gun control and push for the creation of a “national bureau” for gun safety that would boost taxes on guns and ammo, push “smart” safety technology, and require regular gun checks and proof of gun safes.

Murthy’s group told us, “Doctors for America congratulates former DFA founder and leader, Dr. Vivek Murthy, on his nomination as surgeon general for a second time. DFA supports the creation of a National Bureau of Firearm Injury Prevention and a national strategy to decrease firearm injuries and death.”

He beat back the gun lobby’s efforts to stop his first time as President Barack Obama’s surgeon general, but the National Rifle Association is planning a bigger offensive. “Our Second Amendment is under attack. There has never been a more important time to fight for our freedoms,” said the group.

3 thoughts on “Biden readies showdown on guns

  1. The Gun Control “Fans” can be Hung along with the rest of you.


    Justice is ours!

  2. So creepy Joe “readies” for a “showdown” by holing up in the White House basement or wherever having two nominees kneeling to their “boss” for the sake of jobs and I guess the “revolving door” when they leave those jobs? I guess “sniffing” Joe doesn’t want to be sniffed by mountain lions…. Or will he send his dog after that pesky feline, the coward?

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