Biden says $2,000 checks to ‘go out the door immediately’ if Democrats win in Georgia


President-elect Joe Biden said Americans will get $2,000 stimulus checks if Democrats win both Georgia runoffs.

During a Monday rally in Atlanta, Biden said the payments would “go out the door immediately” if Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock win the state’s U.S. Senate seats, saying their victories would “put an end to the block in Washington” on approving the $2,000 payments. 

Runoffs for Georgia’s two U.S. Senate races are being held Tuesday after none of the candidates won a majority of the vote in the Nov. 3 election as required by state law. First-term Republican Sen. David Perdue faces Ossoff for one seat, and first-term Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler faces Warnock for the other.

Republicans have 50 seats and Democrats have 48 in the Senate with the two Georgia seats yet to be decided. If Democrats win both races, they will control the chamber as Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will serve as a tie breaker. Republicans only need to win one seat to maintain control. Democrats hold a narrow majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Any possibility of $2,000 payments depends on the 117th Congress, which was sworn in Sunday, after the Senate adjourned last week without voting on the increase.

6 thoughts on “Biden says $2,000 checks to ‘go out the door immediately’ if Democrats win in Georgia

  1. Well, since I don’t need a new laptop, I’ll use it to buy….hmmmmmm….an AR-15? (or at least various ammo….used a lot shooting practice at local shooting range….)


    1. Fighting my fellow countrymen because BOTH sides of the same coin told me to? You don’t wanna be free, you want your particular flavor of communism. They BOTH taste like tyranny. F12K chump and anything that joo-lackey would ever say. The only things he’s ever said were because his massah’s kike fist was up his arse and his lips moved like a good goy. If you think “voting” was ever an option, you just don’t get it

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