Biden says governors should mandate masks for next three months


Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden called for governors to implement mask mandates for the next three months on Thursday, saying that doing so would save 40,000 Americans’ lives.

“Every single American should be wearing a mask when they’re outside for the next three months as a minimum,” the former vice president told reporters after he and his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris, received a briefing on the pandemic from public health experts.

Wearing masks, he said, “is going to get our kids back to school sooner and safer” and would “get our businesses back long-term.”

“Look, this is America. Be a patriot,” Biden said in a message directed at those resistant to wearing masks. “Protect your fellow citizens. Step up. Do the right thing.”

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4 thoughts on “Biden says governors should mandate masks for next three months

  1. I live in New Zealand & I can tell you that even though our horse-faced thing of a Prime Minister has only so far discussed her desire to make masks mandatory here a huge number of the general public have already started wearing them out in public. I knew the average person here was as dull as a severely overcast day but I’m beside myself at just how quickly this happened! It was like literally overnight & now these morons are driving cars, walking along the footpaths (sidewalks) & even jogging with these face diapers on! I’m already seeing it as being the most divisive instrument ever foisted on the public by the communists. It is worse than BLM (which yes they tried to push here too for some bizarre reason!) or anything else that could divide people. So I think they’ve latched onto their latest & most successful divide & conquer EVER now with this mask thing & that is why they’re pushing it so hard. Well, I’ve been using JD’s lead & just politely saying to mask wearers with a friendly smile on my face “I just heard that NASA had announced that an asteroid might be on a collision course with the Earth! Maybe you should buy a helmet to go with that mask!”. Most of them just give me a dirty look (not that I can really tell with the mask on lol!) but one guy went on a rant at a gas station yesterday that gave the staff & myself a bit of a laugh as it was mostly just a muffled garbled mess of words that didn’t make a lot of sense lol! After that I asked if their toilet was still open. One of the girls said yes but I needed a mask to use it (good sense of humour here!). I chuckled but on the way back out I said to that same girl “Um actually you weren’t wrong because now you’re REALLY going to need a mask to go in there!” We all laughed! Good luck & best wishes over there guys! At least you’ve still got your guns unlike us 😉

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