Biden stopped building Trump’s wall. Here’s what it looks like now


Patagonia Mountains, Arizona (CNN)Once there was a bustling construction zone here. Now it’s like a ghost town, frozen in time.

Heavy machinery is parked and motionless. Stacks of steel bollards stretch as far as the eye can see.

The Trump administration built more than 450 miles of fencing along the US-Mexico border — including hundreds of miles of replacement fencing and 52 miles of construction where there were no barriers before. The wall became a focal point of his presidency, a staging ground for political rallies and a symbol of the administration’s controversial immigration crackdowns.

On the campaign trail, President Biden vowed not to build another foot. And he swiftly halted construction once he became President.

A big question still hasn’t been answered, months into his presidency: What will happen at sites where construction was underway?

Fencing currently covers 706 miles of the 1,954-mile US-Mexico border. We recently visited four locations along that stretch where wall construction had started, but has been paused since Biden became president.

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One thought on “Biden stopped building Trump’s wall. Here’s what it looks like now

  1. Doesn’t matter , it was all symbolic anyways

    There’s a million ways in when you have a corrupt government on both sides

    When you boast about “free” hand outs , there will be a path to your door even if it’s a path you can’t see

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