Bill Clinton Dismisses Netanyahu, Agrees He Is “Not The Guy” For Peace

Bill Clinton and Charlie CristShark Tank – by Javier Manjarres

As Obama’s presidency continues to lose steam and weaken, are you surprised that the Clintons are now making a push to fill the presidential void Obama appears to be leaving?

As reported by Caleb at Redstate, who echoed  what Jeff Dunetz wrote at The lid, “Bubba” Clinton was confronted in Iowa by a man who was able to get the former president to discuss foreign policy with a “pro-Palestinian activist.”  

Activist: If we don’t force [Netanyahu] to make peace, we will not have peace.

Clinton: Wait, wait, wait. First of all, I agree with that. But in 2000, Ehud Barak, I got him to agree to something that I’m not sure I would have gotten Rabin to agree to, and Rabin was murdered for giving land to the Palestinians.

Activist: I agree. But Netanyahu is not the guy.

Clinton: So, they got … I agree with that, but we had, I had hima state, they would have gotten 96% of the West Bank, land swap in Gaza, appropriate water rights … and East Jerusalem! Something that hasn’t even been discussed since I left office.


Haaretz reports that the group of Palestinian activists had previously confronted Hillary, who opted not to engage. But Bill got roped in by one activist, Pat Minor, who baited him by suggesting a failure on Clinton’s part to secure the peace.

“I know why Yasser Arafat turned you down,” she said, which apparently prompted Clinton to stop to “dispute her assertion that water rights had been the main stumbling block” at failed Camp David talks. It was then the unidentified man in the video from CSPAN was able to engage Clinton and get the agreement on Netanyahu.

Haaretz characterizes this position as being in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton’s recent praise for Netanyahu in an interview with The Atlantic.

However, at the blog The Lid, Jeff Dunetz writes that this is perfectly in keeping with Hillary’s long track record. “Except for the time she needed New York’s Jewish voting bloc, Hillary Clinton has never been pro-Israel,” says Dunetz.

Now is anyone really that surprised that Bill “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton would make such an anti-Netanyahu statement?

Like Obama, the Clintons are no friends of Israel.

2 thoughts on “Bill Clinton Dismisses Netanyahu, Agrees He Is “Not The Guy” For Peace

  1. “Like Obama, the Clintons are no friends of Israel.” But like Obummer they will kiss every Isrehell ass that raises its nasty brown ring to their mouths. Then multiply that by every spineless politician of ours that Isrehell owns. Visualize that, it ought to give you nightmares tonight.

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