Bill Cooper’s 9/11 Prediction During June 28, 2001 Radio Broadcast

Sep 1, 2020

In #911Truth Part 16 I clip together the infamous 9/11 prediction by legendary radio broadcast host Milton William “Bill” Cooper which he made during his June 28, 2001 radio broadcast “Hour of the Time” show. Bill Cooper stated with certainty that Osama bin Laden was going to be the next boogeyman to take the blame for a major attack that was to happen on USA soil. Fast forward a few months and 9/11 happened and within minutes the Osama boogeyman was plastered all over the news and USA was soon to start bombing countries in the Middle East.

Bill Cooper’s prediction was not a psychic prophecy or even the result of a detailed analysis of current events, but instead it is merely the logical outcome of the absurdity of world events and the willing compliance of the public to accept anything and everything the uniform TV authority box is presenting. And during that time the usual mainstream media propaganda outlets were pushing the usual “extremist Muslim terrorists are plotting to attack the Western world”. The spearhead of this fake news campaign is none other than the legendary satire news organization, CNN, which somehow got an exclusive interview inside Osama’s SECRET HIDEOUT, something which trillions of dollars of tax-payer funded USA military and intelligence agencies “couldn’t” do.

The writing was on the wall that the CIA funded Osama was the next in line of a long succession of propped up “enemies” to rile up the public in the usual fearful chants for war and to remove their basic human rights in place for an illusion of temporary security as you get X-ray scanned and groped whenever going into an airport. Extrapolate this same scheme to today, and soon you will have to present a digital certificate of “health” whenever walking outside or even just choosing to breathe air without a muzzle.

However, the writing was on the wall for Bill Cooper himself, since he was getting a very large radio broadcasting following on his show “Hour of the Time”, something which could not have been contained had he been allowed to live. And along with predicting 9/11 he had also predicted his death was soon to follow as well. He was among the first and foremost true truth-seekers, someone that would smile at the face of the death even it means it is required to uphold principle, the principle to live as one sees fit and not as demanded by others into violent compliance. Bill is a shiny example of what it means to be an individual in the face of a blind collective, and is an example that I strive to live by.

The original broadcast was 1 hour long and, along with other important works by and for Bill Cooper, can be viewed and downloaded in the corresponding Hive notes:…

2 thoughts on “Bill Cooper’s 9/11 Prediction During June 28, 2001 Radio Broadcast

  1. Thanks for posting.
    In his own way, on January 5 in 1996, (episode 777, he did an Hour of the Time broadcast predicting the demise of the Republic of Texas movement and Rick McLaren (whom I knew quite well…and while I didn’t hear the broadcast I heard about it months later and had a funny feeling Cooper was right. McLaren was also starting to have psychopathic tendencies and he was always a narcissist to begin with). Cooper said rightfully that McLaren’s filing of a suit in the Hague Court for a UN dictate regarding jurisdiction was ridiculous–why does Texas need the UN’s permission to secede? Exactly. But McLaren of course totally dismissed Cooper’s warnings, and got what he deserved at the end of the Republic of Texas standoff out here a mile from my house–life in prison (plus most of his op was gun-running and money laundering using the bogus “Washitaw Nation” and (black, not native) “Queen Dugdamoundya” as proxy.

    Note: Minutes before CNN or whatever announced that Osama bin Laden was the guilty party, on Sept. 11, 2001, I, too, told myself that bin Laden would be blamed for this. Sure enough….

  2. Yep and Alex Jones was July 25th, hmmm makes one wonder…

    I love the Hour of the Time show he did. Also, when he said Tim Mcvey them came by his studio, pre OKC…

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