Bill Cosby accusers: ‘Justice is served!’

Published on Apr 26, 2018

Bill Cosby was found guilty on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault on Thursday. One victim Cosby said the conviction is a \u0022victory for womanhood and sexual assault survivors.\u0022

3 thoughts on “Bill Cosby accusers: ‘Justice is served!’

  1. Ok…Mr. Cosby…

    We sentence you to…

    Drum rolll pulleeeez.

    30 years of telling fat albert jokes at the amateur open mike at the prison cafeteria until you fkng die laughing.

    Which….statistics. ….at your age will be about 3 years.

    Hey… maybe you should call Eddie Murphy for a punchline.

    I’m knot dun hear goddamint.

    Being the capitalist scumbag that eye am.

    I see marketing value here.

    So here ya go…


    Live…From Lompoc Prison. ..

    The one and only …

    In his first Netflix comedy special in prison b! Tches.


    The serial rapist mutherfkng ..

    Coosssss beeeee


  2. He had a comedy bit about Spanish Fly and or women getting all ” huggy buggy” around 1968. It’s still on youtube. Lots of people knew….but maybe mostly in the Philly area.

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