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Bill de Blasio’s Police Commish to Teach NYPD About 5 Pillars of Islam

20-11s13175-NYPD 9-11 FALLEN BROTHERSFront Page News – by Daniel Greenfield

Bill Bratton has destroyed his reputation in a short amount of time by becoming a mouthpiece for Bill de Blasio. Taking the job was a poor idea since crime rates had dropped so low that they were bound to rebound, especially under a pro-criminal mayor like De Blasio. All that Bratton had done is set himself up to take the blame and join the ranks of failed NYPD commissioners like Lee Brown who did what a liberal mayor wanted instead of fighting crime.  

So now it’s time to pander to Islam.

Police Commission William Bratton promised Wednesday at a pre-Ramadan conference at NYPD headquarters in Manhattan to protect the rights of the city’s Muslims.

“You have my pledge as commissioner we will not to jeopardize that trust that all our efforts are geared toward increasing,” Bratton said to dozens of Muslim leaders at 1 Police Plaza. “You also have my pledge that we will continue to ensure policing is lawful, constitutional, effective and respectful.”

Terrorism here we come.

Bratton touted that the department now boasts 1,000 NYPD employees — cops and citizens — who identify themselves as Muslim. A video showcasing the Muslim employees was presented to the crowd of about 150 police officers and community members.

That’s around 2 percent. I wonder how many Muslims took the jobs of cops murdered by Muslims on September 11.

But at least the next terrorist attack will have the inside track.

Bratton, who scrapped a plan to create a detailed map of the Los Angeles Muslim community when he was that city’s top cop, assured the audience that police were interested in working with the leaders.

Bratton also discussed security during the month-long Ramadan holiday that begins June 28, saying that the department would add more foot patrols and cars to certain areas around mosques.

That’s like adding more security to an insane asylum on Halloween. There is a serious problem of Muslims trying to bomb synagogues. There isn’t a serious problem of non-Muslims trying to bomb mosques.

He explained that the NYPD would be distributing a detailed guide to help officers understand Ramadan and the pillars of Islam.

Here’s a fun fact about Ramadan. Every year Muslims mark the occasion by bombing churches and killing Christians.


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6 Responses to Bill de Blasio’s Police Commish to Teach NYPD About 5 Pillars of Islam

  1. a guest says:

    you cant teach the police the 5 tenets of islam,
    because one is to respect others!!!!

    police are incapable of showing respect to anybody,
    so it would be more fitting to teach them the talmud!

  2. Paul says:

    the war is raging. be alert.

  3. PARACLETE says:

    Their so called fife pillars …
    Will become their 5 tombstones !

  4. Big Dan says:

    There’s no USURY in Islam, are they teaching them that?

  5. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “There is a serious problem of Muslims trying to bomb synagogues.”

    No, there’s a serious problem with terrorists PURPORTED to be Muslims trying to bomb synagogues, you idiot. There’s a difference. They’re FAR more likely to be Mossad/CIA than Muslims.

    “There isn’t a serious problem of non-Muslims trying to bomb mosques.”

    Wrong again. That’s EXACTLY the serious problem. Black ISN’T white, and white ISN’T black.

    Don’t get out (of the box) much, do you.

  6. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “Bill de Blasio’s Police Commish to Teach NYPD About 5 Pillars of Islam”

    Why beat around the bush? Go straight for the jugular, you POS Zionist trash. May as well teach ’em right out of your masters’ book.


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