2 thoughts on “Bill Gates Agenda 21 Exposed

  1. This guy is a doctor, sure like to hear his view on the Bill of Rights, sure the vaccines are useless and dangerous as hell, BUT, whats his stand if he okd the vaccine?

    Would this DOCTOR green light mandatory vaccinations? Thats the million dollar question.

    Would this DOCTOR stand down if he held stock?

    Take these guys with a grain of salt, IFFY!

  2. I know Dr dude , I know
    Been saying this shit for decades and I was always the “jerk” for standing up against this shit
    Fken bastards are killing us
    I’m not playing

    If Obama can falsify his BC
    If I find no way to fight it ..Than I can falsify my immunization record
    2 can play at this game

    F their agenda ,,.. I have my own

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