Bill Gates And Company – Go To Hell

You know goddamn well what really is going on here, your buddies over at 5G central can no longer con the American National, or continue to subvert our Bill of Rights. Our people are sick and dying because of your greed, and misinformation concerning whatever it is you’re trying to hide. 

Too many have figured out that this in no way is any kind of a sickness other than manmade, that makes you and your tyranny band of subversives lying pieces of trash. This also puts you in the hot seat for treason and most likely murder.. I and my people will be looking for prosecutions, no more games billy boy, you’re done.

You had better dig a deeper hole.

7 thoughts on “Bill Gates And Company – Go To Hell

    1. Goddammed right Mark…..
      Windows 10 must die..
      Linuxmint people
      It’s your duty.
      I’ve been cleaning up his sht for over 30 years and I’ve had enought too….
      If I have time I’m going to see if I can make some bootable thumb drives to send out.
      I just spent 2-3 hours tryiing to get google out of my life too.
      And there fking e-mail.
      Just about there…

  1. They won’t go to hell on their own, probably gonna need some encouragement! They are pure evil, which is why these maggots live so long. Soro’s, Kissinger et al

  2. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear:

    The Microsoft corporate ecosystem is a parable for today’s situation:

    Bill Gates the Inventor = The god of this world
    Windows OS = Human immune system
    Microsoft Office (and other MS applications) = Lymphocytes, phagocytes, T-cells, cytokines… whatchamacallem
    Computer virus = COVID19 (a.k.a. “COVERT ID 2019”)
    Computer antivirus software = Vaccine
    Antivirus companies (AVG, Norton, Kaspersky) = Big Pharma
    BillMellinda Foundation = New World Order

    That’s how Google, Amazon, Apple
    … all of them are (and have always been) set up: as AI/AS simulations of the coming transhumanist One World Ecosystem. And their corporate so-called entrepreneur founders have all sold their souls in return for tax-free dominion over the kingdoms of this world.

  3. it is no coincidence that two of my trilogy evil characters (one a “healer-philanthropist” and another a tech oligarch) are based on Bill Gates…though I didn’t know at the time just how evil this man was.

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