Bill Gates Bankrolling Educational Organization That Says Math is Racist

Summit News – by Paul Joseph Watson

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is bankrolling an activist educational group that believes math is racist and that arriving at an objective answer is an example of “white supremacy.”

Yes, really.

A conglomerate of 25 educational organizations called A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction asserts that asking students to find the correct answer is an “inherently racist practice.” 

The organization’s website lists the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as its only donor.

“In fact, over the past decade, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded over of $140 million to a variety of groups associated with Pathway. Their “antiracist resources” are at the epicenter of a new training course for teachers offered by the Oregon Department of Education throughout the state,” reports National File.

“Three of the most prominent organizations receiving grant money from the Gates’ are The Education Trust, Teach Plus, and WestEd, all non-profit 501c organizations.”

A guidebook for teachers produced by Pathway called ‘Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction’ ludicrously claims that mathematics “is used to uphold capitalist, imperialist, and racist views.”

Teachers are instructed to blame non-white students getting answers wrong on “white supremacist practices,” which are truly to blame for the “underachievement” of minorities.

As we have previously highlighted, following on from universities, schools have now become breeding grounds for this kind of intersectional insanity.

Earlier this week, we reported on how the principal of East Side Community School in New York sent white parents a manifesto that calls on them to become “white traitors” and advocate for full “white abolition.”

Last year, we revealed how children at an elementary school in Virginia are being taught that traits such as “objectivity” and “perfectionism” are ‘racist’ characteristics of “white supremacy.”

Meanwhile, school districts across America are eliminating grading standards in order to “combat racism”.

The move was announced in San Diego after it was revealed that just 7% of D or F grades are handed out to white students, while 23% went to Native Americans, 23% of failing grades went to Hispanics and 20% went to black students.

As Allie Beth Stuckley notes, “I don’t know. Maybe the people who don’t want black and brown kids to learn math correctly are the *actual* white supremacists.”

Summit News

4 thoughts on “Bill Gates Bankrolling Educational Organization That Says Math is Racist

  1. Yep, “Idiocracy.” When the Gil and Mal-inda Bates Foundation starts pushing “Brawndo is what plants crave” nonsense, let me know in their “green new deal” memo…and is Orwell actually rolling over in his grave yet? According to the Mathematics Association of America, 2+2=5. But of course it all started with Common Crap….

    1. WTF, that’s the 1st thing that comes to mind. maybe the black brown kids in these studies are just plain stupid. How convenient they left out the equally stupid white population, ‘cuz there’s sure as hell plenty of them. How about it’s not society’s job to raise your kids. Oh, wait, as the parent you’ve been conditioned as well…it’s everyone else’s fault, and unfortunately there are TPTB that have made sure you enjoy your welfare dependent/non accountable/earn more $$ on unemployment than work/get more no strings attached $$ for every baby you squeeze out/oh you have anxiety, you’re disabled (the list goes on) life.
      I’m fortunate that my 2nd grader’s teacher is traditional as well, and acknowledges the fact that my kid got the right answer by doing simple math, as opposed to “dinging her” cuz she failed to show the picture of regrouping the numbers in some dumb AF way. So, when Mommy helps with homework, there’s 1 step to the answer. I refuse to “make my kid dumber” by stooping to the Common Core level. It’s all in a name…Common. No thank you!

  2. Ugh, where to begin? math is math, the concept of math does not give a fu** what your skin color is. Math is either correct or not, if math is not correct, you’ve f-ked up, just hope whatever math equation you were using was not needed for something important, y’know, like a building…or something chemistry or physics related.

  3. It appears that Bill Gates, in addition to suffering from Assperger’s Syndrome (with 2 Esses as in Ass). Is exhibiting signs of a combination of an intracranial Copper Alloy and Lead deficiency. The only cure is an extremely rapid injection, into the sub-meningeal cavities of the skull, of these essential elements. To stop the initiation of homicidal psychopathic thoughts. The dosage range is from 56 grains to 240 grains. An initial double dosage is the most effective treatment for this condition. It’s a lifetime cure.

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