Bill Gates Says mRNA Vaccines Will Eliminate Colds And The Flu


Bill Gates told actor Dax Shepard mRNA vaccines will not only end Covid, but they will eliminate the common cold and the flu.

“The idea we got vaccines within a year is phenomenal,” Gates said at an Armchair Expert podcast live event. “In the past, it always took about five years to get vaccines and if we hadn’t had the vaccines, the death toll in a lot of countries would have been over double what it actually was.”

Gates then explained that the mRNA vaccines are effective for covid hospitalization rates, and other illnesses. “It’s not just good for pandemic vaccines,” he said. “We’re going to use the mRNA to make a far, far better flu vaccine. Eventually, we should be able to make good enough vaccines to get rid of these colds, to get rid of the flu, to get rid of the common cold, to get rid of coronaviruses.”

The Microsoft founder argued pregnant women will benefit from mRNA vaccines ending the flu. “When pregnant women get the flu it predicts much worse outcomes for their child,” Gates said. “And any one of these respiratory viruses can mutate into some form that causes death. And so, you know, respiratory viruses are the ones to be afraid of. And over the next decade, if we fund the RND and build the products, I think we can actually get rid of those.”

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3 thoughts on “Bill Gates Says mRNA Vaccines Will Eliminate Colds And The Flu

  1. Considering these “vaccines” are more likely to kill people… Kill Bates may be onto something… Dead folks don’t get colds or flu, right?

    1. Clown?
      He’s f-king Pennywise. This man is a f-king monster and there is nothing amusing about him. He is an international criminal and he must be brought to justice.

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