Bill Gates Smirked. Will People Die?

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The self-anointed leaders of the world have decided that world population reduction down to half a billion to a billion people is on the agenda. Problem is that this means 7 billion or so people will have to die. Some of those commoners might decide to rebel rather than die to make life better for billionaires.

The French Revolution had causes -starvation of the poor and John Law’s hyperinflation  – but it also had a flashpoint – Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake.”

I would like to think of our flash point might be the smirk Bill Gates made when he said, “We have to prepare for the next one (pandemic virus). That will get their attention this time.”

Perhaps that smirk can launch a Global Insurrection – Commoners vs Uber Billionaires.

The Covid-19 virus made in a lab. This is according to Dr Luc Montanier who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008. Dr Francis Boyle who drafted the US Biological Weapons Act agreed – Covid-19 was made in a lab.

The Spike protein was engineered from SARS into Covid. This allows it to enter human cells. 4 new sequences were engineered into Covid from the HIV virus including the GP 41 envelope which is the key for HIV to infect human bodies.

In fact we know covid’s history. It began in a lab at the University of North Carolina but because it violated US law and there was a great need for plausible deniability the work was shifted to Wuhan China. That now infamous lab received a $3.7 million grant in 2014 from Dr Fauci, the NIH and President Obama to transform it into a completed bioweapon.

Suppose a second virus is released after a disastrous Super Duper Wuhan Virus Vaccine is forced upon us which kills and maims millions before it is stopped. Bill Gates wants to skip animal testing for the covid vaccine. And he wants to go past normal vaccine techniques to a never been done before experiment with messenger RNA. We have heard press releases lately saying that vaccine test subjects are developing antibodies very rapidly.

That does not sound like Good News to anyone familiar with what happened to the SARS vaccine. Its an effect called Enhancement where a vaccine develops antibodies and then the test subject comes into contact with the wild virus. And then the victim of experimental science gets really sick and dies or risk permanent injury. My guess knowing what we know that the damage would be a lifelong disability involving the lungs and/or the heart.

This vaccine would only reluctantly be accepted by the skeptical public after another year of lockdowns and travel restrictions as described by Bill Gates. The American economy lost 50 million jobs due to the fear porn generated by the corporate media. The same media and Medical Establishment has downplayed the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and zinc to cure covid in its early stages. These are the same people playing fast and lose with death certificates writing down murders, suicides, drug overdoses and auto accidents as covid.

Most of these deaths were terminally ill patients who died from heart disease, COPD,  cancer and renal failure. They died with covid but not from it. And many might not have had the covid virus. The American Center for Hospital Statistics sent out letters to doctors, clinics and hospitals demanding that deaths where the patient died from any known cause but had tested positive for covid was written down as U07.1 covid. If there were no test, but the patient had either a flu or a cough the classification was to be U07.2 covid. U07.2 deaths outnumber U07.1 deaths by 2 to 1.

The economic pressure on the commoners will be severe to end the lockdowns after the November US elections because you can print tens of trillions of dollars, pounds euros and yen for years but there will be consequences. My calculation is that when, not if, the US Dollar Dies, American wages and pensions will be permanently cut by 60%. For example, $30 an hour would become $12 and $20 an hour would become $8. Not much to support a family. That would force the majority of people worldwide to accept an experimental vaccine from Bill Gates. I suspect that this unproven vaccine will end badly but somehow most politicians and Bill Gates will have avoided it.

Soon after that I expect a second lab grown virus will be released. It will be far more devastating physically. And as Bill Gates said, “It will get their attention.”

The economic damage from the lockdowns and the Universal Money Printing will have created a worldwide Hyperinflation which will actually be far worse than the Weimar Republic of 1923 due to the hundreds of millions killed and maimed by the covid-19 virus, the Super Duper Wuhan Virus Vaccine and that second lab grown virus that made Bill Gates smirk.

An economic collapse of that magnitude would kill billions of people by starvation and violence. But the self-appointed world leaders would have accomplished their goal at least in part after the first 3 billion Commoners die.

I would hope at that point the people learn to say No in a way that Bill Gates, Big Pharma, the lying Media and the politicians can understand.

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