15 thoughts on “Bill Gates : “You Don’t Have A Choice”

  1. I would love to break both of his T-Rex arms and bash that ugly, disgusting face of his with an aluminum bat wrapped in razor wire.

  2. We’ve ALWAYS got a choice, billy. So did you until you got too big for yer britches.

    It’s YOU who WON’T have a choice.

  3. Hides like a rat in a hole. Fakery and treason you SOB. Your never going to pull this off, you’ll die trying, to many who see the lie Billy boy.

    A box of kleenex is the cure you asshat scumbag…Stop, your done MTHRFKR…

  4. Yeah ok Fk Rat, how about chopping those arms off at the elbow, tourniquet the stumps, shove both forearms up your ass, then decide on your end.

    You are a sick man, evil and twisted, wealth and power and your Secret Society Global esoteric agenda has warped you. You can’t even lie with any credibility. You are in good company of course.

  5. You’ll never get to live top side like the rest of us
    And we will never let you

    You’ll rot in your hole

  6. That was a direct threat! Looked right into the camera and said, “Normalcy only returns when we vaccinate the entire global population.”
    That is nearing 8 billion people. The money he makes off that will be astronomical, and the death count will make Satan blush!

      1. I am, and I will. Especially for my kids. It will be difficult and challenging, if it comes down to it, because of what will have to be foregone, sacrificed, but it will be worth it. I saw something about how to “legally get out of a vaccine without coming off belligerent and showing your hand”, but not sure if there’s truth to it.

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