Bill Nye: Only Science Deniers Oppose Common Core Curriculum

The Last Resistance – by Philip Hodges

Bill Nye is that guy who’s not a scientist but plays one on TV. For the entertainment of little kids.

For some reason, that’s all that’s needed to qualify him as some sort of authority on the subject of science, particularly when it comes to climate science and evolution (which isn’t even science). If you believe in fairy tales like evolution or manmade global warming or atheism, absolutely no credentials are needed to be considered an authority. Your beliefs qualify you sufficiently.  

When he speaks publicly, he sounds like the stereotypical liberal internet commenter ranting on a conservative website. He thinks that if you oppose Common Core, you’re obviously a “science-denier” and a card-carrying member of the “Flat Earth Society.” Robby Soave with Reason writes:

Bill Nye opines that much of the opposition to Common Core comes from Creationists who don’t want evolution being taught in schools. As he says in his video:

“The concern is, and I understand this, you would keep students from having fun and getting excited about anything. But the other reason people seem to, my perception of what people don’t like about Core curricula, is it forces them to learn standard stuff when they could be teaching their kids things that are inconsistent with science. I’m talking about people who want to teach Creationism instead of biology and that’s just bad.”

Since Bill Nye doesn’t mention any of the other criticisms against Common Core, he implies by omission that this is it: Core opponents are just evolution deniers in disguise.

(To clarify, the Common Core tackles math and English, not science. The national science standards technically were published under a different title, the Next Generation Science Standards, though many of the same people were involved. NGSS has received a lukewarm response, even from some groups that vigorously support Common Core.)

I think the Common Core debate is largely a moot one. Whenever the State is left in control of educating the populace, it always descends into dumbing down and indoctrinating kids to believe that the State is their savior

Education is the parents’ responsibility, not the government’s. Common Core is definitely bad news, but the main problem is government indoctrination. The least that could be done would be to shut down the federal (misnamed) Department of Education.


5 thoughts on “Bill Nye: Only Science Deniers Oppose Common Core Curriculum

  1. ” I’m talking about people who want to teach Creationism instead of biology and that’s just bad.”

    No, what you’re talking about is pure stupidity.

    The two are totally compatible (Creationism/biology)

  2. It’s the new “racist” or “antisemite”. You’re a “science-denier” if you don’t believe in what I am telling you.

  3. DR. Ken Hamm, of the Creation Institute, debated this “guy”
    not long ago. I am sure the debate can still be found on the net.

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