Bill O’Reilly Steps up in Support of US Drug Cartels

Bill O’Reilly has stepped up front and center with a new line of propaganda, designed to bolster support for the failed US drug war.  The case for legalization has to be considered a strong one in the face of a $40 billion per year price tag and our failing economy.

O’Reilly is not but a corporate lapdog sent forth to protect revenue, emphasizing his propaganda piece by saying that in the end it is the person who purchases and consumes the drug that is the problem.  It is just what you would expect out of the mouth of a representative of the international corporate mafia, the Irish branch.

It is a matter of history as to the crime and violence perpetuated through the prohibition of alcohol, which is a drug.  When the prohibition ended, the criminal element was removed, much to the dismay of those who were profiting from the death and disorder.

I’ll tell you what Bill O’Reilly will not talk about and that is the fact that the insurgents within our government are the drug kingpins at the top, dealing internationally with their counterparts in Mexico, Columbia, and even Afghanistan where the US taxpayer dollars are paying for US soldiers to guard the poppy fields.

Note: prior to the US invasion into Afghanistan, the Taliban had cut opium production literally down to a trickle.  And of course since we invaded, it has been one bumper crop followed by another.

It must be considered unmitigated gall to suggest that we should lock up more American nationals for using drugs when US Attorney General Eric Holder was just found in Contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents for Fast and Furious, which was a continuation of the international gunrunning and drug dealing cabal that has existed in our country for the past 20 years.

These insurgents in our US government absolutely bought guns with US taxpayer money, shipped those guns to Mexico where they were traded for marijuana, cocaine, and heroin, which was shipped back into the United States to the DEA, who sold it to our people on our streets.  And now Bill O’Reilly says that the US nationals that purchased the drugs are the problem.

It is even worse than that, as the plan was to blame the guns shipped to Mexico on US nationals for the purpose of disarming us.

O’Reilly is a low down dirty traitor of the highest order and his arrest, prosecution, and punishment should be high on our to-do list.  It is really sickening to see all these private contractors, masquerading as US government agencies, which are clearly unconstitutional, sliming over our dying country like a mat of maggots on a rotting corpse.

Bill O’Reilly, you are not going unnoticed and you are going to answer for your crimes.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

11 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Steps up in Support of US Drug Cartels

  1. Bill O’ Reilly or Bill O’failed teleprompter reader. I’d rather swim in an outhouse septic tank than listen to this moron.

    1. What is so great about the Israeli Regime that justifies preservation?

      Or any Regime for that matter.

      That should be your talking point Billy. I guess, if it is not on the memo handed down, it ain’t on your agenda.

    2. Hi Mr. Schumacher,

      O’Reilly is not a moron,.. he knows EXACTLY what he is doing.

      He has sold his country out for the trinkets of wealth they have offered him.

      But let us address Bill by his real name:

      Bill O’Goebells Reilly.

      The proper name of his show:

      Bill O’Goebells Reilly – The Total-Spin Zone.

      The fact is,.. Bill O’Goebells is guilty of Treason.

      As part of the 2nd Constitutional Convention,.. a War-Crimes and Treason-Tribual will be convened to identify, charge and prosecute those guilty of said crimes.

      Bill O’Goebells will be the first,.. of many.

      JD – US Marines – Warning Americans – The Treasonous Fed Gov’t Is About To Intiate ITs Next Phase Of,… “Prison Camp America”.

  2. The only thing missing is that joker Rush Limbough. Isn`t it just great to see that O`Reilly put on the hot seat as in that second video. That was just plain super great. That was good Henry. ha ha ha .

  3. O’Reilly thinking that the drug users are to blame? Obviously, he doesn’t believe in hitting something at the ROOT of the problem. Hell, even my Criminal Justice teacher who was an Immigrations Officer back in my college days knew that. Never arrest the drug user. Use them to get the drug dealers and the kingpins and attack the root of the problem. Then that will make an example of anyone else wanting to become the next drug dealer kingpin. That’s if you are totally AGAINST making drugs legal. If you are FOR making drugs legal, well then, just legalize the damn thing and most of your problems will be solved.

    1. When the time for paybacks come, I want the honor of personally takin’ out that self centered, ” legend in his own mind “, SOB…………….with extreme prejudice !

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