Bill of Rights Common Law Explained CD Project

I want to help create a ‘refounding’ of our country by putting out CDs of Henry’s Bill of Rights/Common Law Explained so that more people can understand who they are and the power they hold as American nationals.

If you would like a CD with the whole presentation on it, just send your request and your mailing address in an email to and indicate how many CDs you would like.   

Henry will forward your address to me and I will send you the CD.

If you would like to make a donation to From the Trenches World Report to help with the ongoing work, a donation would be appreciated, but no donation is necessary to participate in the project.

22 thoughts on “Bill of Rights Common Law Explained CD Project

  1. I’m not clear on something. Is the CD already created?

    If it’s already created, I’ll need one. If it’s not created, is there anyway I can help create it? (need help with any research or writing?)

    You can pack a lot of info onto a CD

      1. So it’s already done. How can I get one? Can I send you my address via Henry?

        I’ll send Henry an e-mail with my name and address, and maybe he’ll be good enough to forward it to you.

        1. I misread the whole thing.

          “I want to help create a ‘refounding’ of our country by putting out CDs of Henry’s Bill of Rights/Common Law Explained”

          I got it now. I thought you wanted to create a CD. (sometimes I glance at things and don’t really read them….sorry)

  2. Ill pay $5 for a digital version…
    Actually more.
    I no longer do computers and dvd /cd are on the way out too.

    On my tablet id rather have a audio file with chapters/tracks

    I can also put it on my phone and play it anytime.

    Ill check back.
    Thank you. Going through archives gets hard.

    1. I went to the store the other day and they were selling apples 5 for a dollar……….so I went to the clerk and said hey I will pay you two dollars for six grapefruit…..I hope this answers your question 🙂

    2. seriously, why can’t you get the CD and create digital for yourself…also the idea is to get this disc into many hands….awaken others to our salvation>>>our Bill of Rights/Common Law

  3. “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” Thomas Jefferson


  4. It’d be nice to have one, but i don’t trust anyone on the internet with my address or any other personal information.

    1. Not to worry, Putther……they already have it!!! Quit walking round and round the pool. Jump in and help save our Republic!

  5. 21, 551 views, WAY TO GO MARY! YOUR AWESOME!!!


    I guarantee you the number is waaaaay higher, they dont want you to see the real number..

  6. I plan on putting these on DvD. I use FreemakeVideoConverter_3.2.1; With it, I can burn 8+ hours TV quality video. I made the mistake of updating it and the update added a Freemake watermark to the video. To find 3.2.1., I had to go to:
    This is the best free video converter I’ve ever used. It utilizes many formats including MP3 on cd or DvD, but it doesn’t reconize OGG video compression.

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