Billionaires Backing Biden – Monkey On A Rope

Biden is not only suffering from dementia, huge problem with keeping his hands to himself and a ridiculous monthly expense from living like a billionaire, he knows who he has to grease, his buddies the billionaires. No other scenario will work for this American traitor, the everyday American National isn’t anywhere on his radar.

With Biden sitting in office, we are going to slide down a slope that looks like an Olympic ski jump ramp in the Swiss Alps, masks and Covid -19 front and center for years, because this is the only way billionaires will remain billionaires, able to keep their stolen loot.

So much money has been stolen from the American Nationals that millions of businesses must be closed down, and millions of our people must remain out of work, because the money just isn’t there to facilitate them. The billionaires aren’t going down with the rest, they want it all, printing money is no longer an option.

The complexities of America’s problems are complex and when combined with the theft from the nationals from other countries, you can see how a useless scumbag has to be appointed into office, he will be led around like a monkey on a rope.

With any luck, American Nationals will seem him dangle from that same Hemp rope.

3 thoughts on “Billionaires Backing Biden – Monkey On A Rope

  1. It doesn’t matter which meat puppet they install in the Oval Office, it’s the same shit show of smoke screens, mirrors, and lies as more and more of the country’s wealth and resources are stolen hand over fist. If the Biden buffoons get their meat puppet of choice, the enemy force in occupation will seek to replace him with Harris ASAP. There is of course the chance that Biden and his policies will finally spark the revolution that will see him and the rest of the enemy force in occupation removed from office and tried for treason, the Bill of Rights restored as the Supreme Law of this country, and the restoration of the peoples’ Common Law Courts.

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