Billionaires Tightening Their Grip- Stealing The Lives Away From The American Nationals

What is happening now is that these communist traitors to America have tasted newly acquired globalist profits, because of their newly acquired money grab it has become impossible for American Nationals to make an honest living, now more than ever.

Everything has gone through the roof, and it’s only going to get worse. Americans are now in the throes of working negative. What I mean by that is we are now working basically for nothing. Everything we make is going to pay debt, because everything we do now is basically debt. 

I want to use an example from my personal experience.

What I do out here is what American nationals are now doing as well, working at fever pitch while achieving absolutely nothing. All we are doing is spinning our wheels to stay alive.

My boss is a young man, about 25 or so younger than I am, a smart cookie. This guy is trying to live the American dream. A once hard working truck driver and previous business owner from another country. Did damn well for himself and came to America to achieve what we all want, a happier life. His father, like mine, was in the transportation business, we both grew up it in.

Now he owns 4 trucks, he runs everything from his home with his bride, does a pretty damn good job, he has to, things are too impossibly tight. He doesn’t get it.

What is hard for him to understand is that, in the end,  he basically is working for some scum bag king who doesn’t give a damn about anything except his yacht, mansion and private jet.

This scumbag king, controls, like all scum bag king communists, control everything, every goddamn part of the puzzle. And these scum bag kings are tightening up, they want more.

So now, my boss is pressing me harder, wanting me to kill myself even harder to squeeze every available second out of the day towards profitability, something that I agree with, but only to a point. Because you tighten up too much you’re going to end up in a hospital rack, stretched out on an operating table. I already have, twice.

In this business, everything is time. We have deadlines, 1580 mile runs expected to get done as fast as legally possible, I use the word legally loosely. We do this all day, every day, basically 24/7, sometimes 1580 miles, sometimes 3050 miles, but zero time for waste, everything is just too time critical.

What is happening now is that the billionaires are putting on the pressure. They want more. This globalist bullshit had opened their eyes to even more profits, and they want more, a lot more. This puts pressure on my boss, and it filters down to guys like me. Now we are expected to fly like an airplane, all reasonable delivery times have become extinct, all reasonable thoughts of a safe and happy life, even while working has disappeared, I am expected to do too much, for too little money.

And herein lies the problem, working upside down, fighting with superiors because of unreasonable delivery schedules, and too little money.

The scumbag billionaire kings have finally put the final nail in the coffin. American Nationals can no longer work, make enough money, and have a happy life. Those days are over, what we have been regulated to now is working for free, while serving a scum bag communist king.

Now, I can break everything down for you, but is it really necessarily relevant at this point? What is happening now is unnecessary strife between boss and employee, only to serve some scumbag communist who wants to bleed every drop.

Working in today’s environment had become impossible, too much animation, too many supercomputers and way too many billionaires who have stolen the American dream.

Hotel room rates, automobile payments, house payments, gas and food have become something that is no longer achievable unless you’re a crook, stealing the life away from the average American National.

7 thoughts on “Billionaires Tightening Their Grip- Stealing The Lives Away From The American Nationals

  1. This is absolutely nothing new, it’s been happening for decades, centuries even. It’s the Zionist’s design, Communism is just one of their tools of choice. Until the Bill of Rights is restored as the Supreme Law of the land and our Common Law courts are restored, these bastards will continue their agenda. As far as they are concerned, it’s rule the world or destroy it.

    1. It’s become alot worse.860 trucking companies closed their doors last year. That is cancer. I’m going to write about it until I drop dead. That’s what I do..that’s why this site is here, rock in shoe…

      1. Thanks for this blood and guts report, Mark, and for using the example of your own life, your own challenges, to show what’s happening to so many of us. Milked, stretched, tortured. What a life. And then I come across this money report. The broadcasters look like aliens to me; I mean the off-world kind. One wonders if this report is to get Trump reelected. Anyhow, and not that I understand this stock-market stuff, but you might get a kick out of it, or maybe it will make you want to kick something. Seems things look very rosy out there, but when do we get our share?

        Dow Hits 22nd Record Close in 2019 — Rank-and-File Wages Get Biggest Pay Raises:


        1. Hotel room rates have skyrocketed, food has skyrocketed, insurance rates have skyrocketed, auto repair costs have skyrocketed and yes Galen, the whiteness of Trumps teeth has skyrocketed, along with the length of his nose.

      2. Don’t worry Mark .. they have plans to replace all of ya .. ya know! They even have the American Mexicans that do the farm work, getting ready to compete with the border invaders with their declared intent of driving wages down there too. This will be happening from top to bottom .. from acupuncturist to a zoologist.
        Its all in the USMCA chapter16 appendix 2

        1. yup…….if they get their way we will be working for a ‘bowl of rice and a fish head’ (Henry Shivley)

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