0 thoughts on “Birther Hearing Held Against President Obama

  1. Barack Obama is not a US citizen?!? Really?!? Just wait until Barry Soetoro hears about that! Maybe when Gingrich goes to build his moon base they will also discover that the moon isn’t made of cheese!

        1. Most were, but a few were left as a protected species.
          I’ve always hoped that the government would make mosquitoes a protected species. The surest way to get rid of something is to put the government in charge of taking care of it.

          1. Truer words were never spoken. I wish politicians like Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum would go the way of the Dodo Bird and the dinosaurs.

  2. every thing barry does is desinged to look good , but the real meaning is always to hurt us anyway he can. Look at the mind ereasing pill, hummmmmm fema camp ereducating.

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