BLACK and WHITE ? ( Under the age of 40? You won’t understand)

My mum used to cut chicken, chop eggs and spread butter on bread on the same cutting board with the same knife and no bleach, but we didn’t seem to get food poisoning.

Our school sandwiches were wrapped in wax paper in a brown paper bag, not in ice pack coolers, but I can’t remember getting e.coli.

Almost all of us would have rather have gone swimming ion the lake or at the beach instead of a pristine pool(talk about boring)no beach closures then.

We all took PE……and risked permanent injury with a pair of sandshoes instead of having cross- training athletic shoes with air cushion soles and built in light reflectors that cost as much as a small car. I can’t recall any injuries but they must have happened because they tell us how much safer we are now.

We got the cane for doing something wrong at school, they used to call it discipline yet we all grew up to accept the rules and to honour and respect those older than us.

We had 30+ kids in our class and we all learned to read and write, do maths and spell almost all the words needed to write a grammatically correct letter———-FUNNY THAT!!

We all said prayers in school and sang the national anthem, and staying in detention after school caught all sorts of negative attention

I thought that I was supposed to accomplish something before I was allowed to be proud of myself..

I just can’t recall how bored we were without computers, Play Station,
Nintendo, X Box or 270 digital TV cable stations. we weren’t.

Oh yeah…and where was the antibiotics and sterilisation kit when I h got that bee sting? I could have been killed!

We played ”King of the Hill” on piles of gravel left on vacant building sites when we got hurt, mum pulled out the 2/6p bottle of iodine and then we got our backside spanked. Now it’s a trip to the emergency room, followed by a 10 day dose of antibiotics and then mum calls the lawyer to sue the contractor for leaving a horrible vicious pile of gravel where it was such a threat.

To top it off, not a single person I knew had ever been told that they were from a dysfunctional family. 
How could we possibly have known that?

We never needed to get into group therapy and/or management classes.

We were obviously so duped by so many societal ills, that we didn’t even notice that the entire country wasn’t taking Prozac !

…………………………How did we ever survive? You tell me please.


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  1. Angel-NYC says:

    I wouldn’t trade it either, Swifty.

  2. Joe in JT says:

    When I was a boy we loved sports so much I used to take my Dad’s Toro lawn mower and cut the 2 foot high grass in the field to make my own baseball diamond. I would cut the infield grass very short , then I’d cut the outfield a medium cut, and it was a home run if you put it in the long grass the part I didn’t cut which was about 220 feet from home plate. Kids from all over would come and we would play all day. One day I lost our last baseball so I said to my brother “Grandma has one in her room, sitting on top of that trophy”. So I get the ball with all the writing and signatures on it and my brother and I played catch with it and smashed it all up. Later my grandmother told me it was a ball signed by the New York Yankee’s and had Babe Ruth’s signature on it.

  3. TestPilotDummy says:

    before my first tree house (1 ea of 5 total), I had an (wood siding) airplane suspended from strings, I was seriously trying to figure out how to put a lawnmower brigs and straton on there, it never happened of course, cause I could never build the damned propeller, never mind I was using nails and hammers as opposed to welding/cutting torch. ;o)

    treehouse #1
    cherry trees
    1 level, no water proof roof (I built)

    treehouse #2
    stick dropping tree
    1 level, no sides, no water proof roof (grandpa built)

    treehouse #3
    cherry trees
    1 level, 1 deck, waterproof, and trap door entrance

    treehouse #4
    fruitless mulbery
    1 level (waterproof) side door entrance, 1 deck (caught fire)

    treehouse #5
    fruitless mulbery
    3 levels (waterproof), 1 deck (rebuilt)

    treehouse #5
    stick dropping tree (location #2)
    Put up Joists and sheets, stairs, rails, walls and roof and electric for single level 10 * 15′ treehouse with load bearing posts and metal to hang everything. (built as an adult in 24-7ish’s with construction experience)

    Big Bang Cannons in the Treehouses!! Rock Fights.. Dirt Clod Fights. Squirrel Hunting, Fruit Gathering.

  4. REDHORSE says:

    The good old days. My grandkids look at me like I’m a nut case because I still put peanuts in my coke. They have no idea who Sky King is and still have trouble believing me when I tell them “yes we had TV back then”. Building a fort in an open field or vacant lot, walking the RR tracks swimming in the ditch( even though we were told they were dangerous). Being lucky enough to play cowboys and Indians with cap guns and low and behold no one ever lost an eye( even though we were told so many kids had).

  5. VRF says:

    Didnt have a colored TV..wasnt sure if they were invented yet or not, or if the ‘ol man was too cheap to buy

    No A/C, no complaints

    Loved my childhood, I fear for my children

  6. James says:

    A black and white was a Chicago cop car too.

  7. Nottoobitter says:

    Thats great and all but its OUR GD faults it turned to shit. WE, us adults let this happen. So stop remembering how great it was and stop it from being so screwed in the poop hole.

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