Black Choppers, Black Uniforms, Black Guns- Black Is The Color Of Communism – Use It To Your Advantage

A bucket of black paint transforms anything into a menacing looking thing. For hundreds of years it has been used to subjugate, scare the hell out of, etc. etc

Easy enough to counter by just loading a black power bullet and aiming for the head. Recently, our site has shown videos of all kinds of things black, choppers, armored vehicles, clowns in black uniforms, you name it.

Keep your cool, because its only paint, the mindless steeple behind all this black is human flesh and blood, for the most part, young punks who think they’re tougher than you and I.

The Pacific Northwest is full of this garbage, and believe me, that all it is, garbage.

Stay strong, don’t let the color black subjugate your readiness, stay alert and keep your black powder reloaders cocked.

4 thoughts on “Black Choppers, Black Uniforms, Black Guns- Black Is The Color Of Communism – Use It To Your Advantage

  1. Sorry for any spelling errors in the above article,, Im working as Im writing. Nobody but me basically doing any corrections, stopped in traffic, doin my thing.

    When you see these blacked out choppers flying around, give them the finger, as well as to the traitors who fly them.

    Stay strong people, we must stick together as things aren’t going to get any better until we make them better.

    Billionaires have stolen everything, all are hiding behind their world of blackness. Our founding fathers wanted the everyday American National to have all the advantages , look what we ended up with, JACK SHIT.

    Wallstreet broker drug addicts get a slap on the wrist when caught stealing, as all are stealing for their rich masters. You and I are left with THE CRUMS and the inevitable homelessness, with nothing but heartache and incrediable struggles later.

    We must act as one if we are to get through these times of tyranny and deceit.

    Walk strong friends, take down the billionaires who have stolen everything by way of corporate greed.

    Understand that we are all moments away from homelessness, all it takes is a little bad luck, dont ever forget that.

    In four years the world population is said to be approaching 9 million people, only a handful will try and call the shots.

    FUK THAT!!

    1. That’s a bucket full of nuggets of truth, Mark. The black paint part is also a great point. It’s the same as their costumes. It’s another psyops and the cowards hiding behind it will realize their greatest fears. Some ofuUS have had our families attacked and torn apart by these p*zzies already, but they are ALL waiting for theirs whether they realize it or not.

  2. There may be hell-fire raining on me for saying this, but “Black is the new Black.” That is my fashion statement for the day.

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